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Word Games Free Online
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Enjoy these great free word games.
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Fowl Words - Make as many words from the given letters before time runs out. A cool word game with a chicken theme.  

Text Twist - One of the classic word games on the web, this one never gets old.  

Wild Wild Words - A great word game, make words from letters and then try to guess the mystery phrase in a mini-version of Hangman.    

Letter Linker - Link letters together to form words.  

Word Race - It's a race to build words! Click the letter tiles to place them in the correct order to unscramble the words before time runs out. Can you do it?  

Typer Shark - Fend off hungry sharks by typing words before you become lunch.  

Ninja Hunter - Slay all the enemies with your letters of might.  

Jig Words - Great combo of word game and jigsaw puzzle fun.  

Laugh Lexicon - A clone of Word Wiz.  

Book Worm - Form words to score points.  

WhatWord - Similar to Boggle, make words from scattered letters to score points.  

Writer's Block - Create as many words as possible using the letters on the block. Spin it, flip it, rotate the block and get going!  

Broken Words - Try to piece together the words that have been broken apart and mixed up...  

Crossword Puzzles - Several crossword puzzles; different themes and difficulty levels. New puzzles added daily.  

Grammar Ninja - At the Grammar Ninja Dojo of Academic Combat, we believe a good ninja must sharpen both the body and the mind, preferably together.  

Wordomat - Hangman new style.  

Wordle - Try to make three words at once from the never-ending stream of letters. Challenging!  

WordSlider - Slide the tiles around the board to find each word before time runs out.  

Wordo - Do you have the skills to find the hidden words in a world of tumbling tiles?  

WordLab - Guess the words by filling in the missing letters.  

CrossWord - Crossword puzzle game with good clues.  

Word Stalk - Make complete words from the letters to help Jack climb the beanstalk.  

Save My Kitties! - Unique twist on the classic Hangman style game. Help Mrs Jones rescue her cats from the evil city pound. Guess the word before it's too late!  

Word Bump - Turn into a bookworm with Word Bump! Spell words to push the golden letters to the top of the grid, match letters of the same color to earn power-ups and special abilities. Can you find all the words before time runs out?  

Civil - It may be just a hang-man game, but has take a violent side.  

Love Letters - In order to master this charming and sweetly unique word game, you must spell the correct combination of romance-related words from the word list.  

Key Master - Type to protect your keymaster.  

Alphabet Jungle - Try to spell your way out of the boiling pot.  

Hang the Alien - The familiar game of hangman, played with an alien.  

HangStan Trivia - Know 70's & 80's music? Movies? Classic TV? Well, then maybe you can help Stan the pig avoid the hangman.  

Word Pool - The Word Search Game.  

Great Wall of Words - Tear down this wall (not rated)

Word U - Enroll today! (not rated)

Word Cross - Solve the phrase!  

Flip Words - You'll flip over Flip Words! Flip the letters to make words and solve familiar phrases.  

Alphabet Soup - Quickly click on the falling letters to swap their positions and form a word. The more words you form, the higher your score will be.  

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We have 36 total word games to choose from.

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