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Enjoy these great free weird games and cool games.
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Asstroys - This is an asteroids game all right...not butts about it!  

Blow Stuff Up - Talk about mind control! Help Freaky Student blow stuff up with his mind!  

Pendulumeca - How far can you get your web-slinging robot to go before hitting the spikes below?  

Ice Breaker - Smash awesome walls of ice with your amazing British fist! Yes!  

Dont Let Go - Click and hold the button. Whatever happens, don't let go!  

Fly Sui - Use the chopstix to catch flies. Yum!  

Reaction Time Trainer - Test how fast you can move.  

Santa Fartypants - Help Santa deliver the presents using his methane converting rocket propulsion pants (fart powered).  

Project Life - You are a microscopic blob. Eat as much food as you can while avoiding the red virus. Features multiplayer mode, too!    

Lust For Bust - Try and sneak-a-peek at your buddy's HOT sister. Use the mouse to look, but don't get caught!  

Bashing Pumpkins - Hundreds of jumping, orange jack-o-lanterns are popping up everywhere. Bash them!  

Draw Play - Click and drag the mouse to draw your level. The object is to get to the flag.  

Tilt - Balance Game - Balance the stick for as long as you can to increase your score!  

Line Flyer - Draw a track for your motorcycle line rider that will make him fly!  

Bake Sale - Make as much money as you can in 10 days running a bake sale. Do you have the recipe for success? Find out...  

Potion Panic - You are an alchemist defending his lab from an onslaught of monsters - brew terrifying potions and lob them at the enemy to stay alive!  

Grow the Robot - How tall can you grow your robot? Put fuses in the right locations to complete the circuits and grow, grow, grow!  

Balance Balls 2 - How long can you stay balanced?  

Tribal Tattoo Maker - Make your own cool tribal tattoos. If you make a mistake, just start over!  

Hide the Fart - Cut the cheese...discreetly!  

How Adventurous Are You? - A fun quiz!  

Mikey Fartley - Someone is out to get dancing star Mickey Fartley by dropping weights during his show. Guide him and his quick feet around the stage and see how long the show lasts.  

Meteor Strike - Stop the incoming meteors from destroying your city!  

Balancing Act - Tricky game of ball balancing and avoidance with powerups.  

Bionic Bugz - Desc Pending  

Simpsons Home Interactive - Tour the Simpsons house  

DJ - Can you be a virtual DJ?  

Critter Cannon - Blast a cute critter out of a cannon. Go for the high score!  

Space Escape - This is an exciting space fighter game where you control a fighter, escape from the base of the bad guys, and find a way home. Beat the high scores!  

Monster Truck Trials - You are a junior tester at the monster trucks factory. Get the best out of those monsters! Finish all the trials!  

Pig on the Rocket - The pig is strapped to the rocket, see how long you can keep this porker airborne while picking up fuel and food and avoiding birds and other obstacles.  

Operation Slaps - It's like Mortal Kombat for hand slapping!  

Gauntlet Game - How long can you survive the gauntlet?  

Finger Twister - Twisted finger keyboard action. Original game concept. Watch for hand cramps!  

BIG Red Button - Please! Do Not Press!  

Catch Me - Find and click the green area as quickly as possible.  

Snow Line - Help Santa Claus collect the presents ready for delivery on Christmas Eve.  

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