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Enjoy these great free weird games and cool games.
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Super Monkey Poop Fight - Fling poo, score points!  

Election Incrimination - The press are hungry for a presidential scandal. Save Obama or McCain!  

Haunted Hybrid - It's Halloween! Time to... uh... pretend you're a witch?  

Crazy Go Nuts - Squirrels go nuts! Or is it collect nuts?  

Debugger - Draw rectangular shapes around the walking bugs with your mouse to catch them all!  

Monsters Gone Wild - Dance monster, dance!  

Ragdoll Cannon - Kaboom!  

Maze of Darkness - A very frustrating maze game.  

Free Rider 2 - Create and ride your very own bike path!    

Golphysics - Play inter dimensional golf!  

Tornado Button Smashing - Smash Buttons and Smash Houses.  

Pencil Rider XL - Draw some tracks and share it with others!  

Facial House - Run your own beauty salon giving people facials, removing blackheads and applying fortifying steam treatments. Can you handle four customers at once?  

Poke the Penguin - Please don't poke the penguin. Don't poke him. Please, don't do it. Oh, go ahead - and see how many crazy endings you can get!  

Pancake day - Learn how to prepare a perfect pancake  

Festival Pro - Get in the zone and rock out to some awesome songs with great videomation.  

Stringwave: A Physics Toy - A little aid to understanding string-waves.  

Hannah Montana Oliver Treasure Hunt - Find stuff hidden on the beach.  

Leetstreet Boys - Rock out to the Leetstreet Boys... Nerd!  

Race for Life Warmup - Get set for the Race for Life.  

The Great Indian Magician - Help complete magic tricks!  

Magic Pen - Make your drawings come to life to solve puzzles.  

What do YOU know? - An online trivia game.  

Naughty Gym Class - Coach Rodder is not only a Gym Teacher and Coach, he's also a Firefighter, a Paramedic and a Lifeguard. What a Hunk! Help the Girls of the Gym Class trick Coach into showing off his best assets!    

Park My Boat - Park a boat!  

Twin Hobo Rocket - Panhandle aliens in space (but don't touch them!)  

Shop Til You Drop - Collect your ingredients!  

Snowball 2008 - How big can you get your snowball?  

Love In the World - Press the right arrows at the right times. Or is it the left arrows at the right times?  

Teongdu Fight - Kill the enemies with your sword.  

Squirrel Squash 2 - Navigate your squirrel to it's victory (or doom) - catchy music!  

My Head - Who can get the highest score? Keep your customers hair under control to make as much money as possible. The hair grows soo fast!  

Under Cover - Watch and Shoot your ultimate fantasy.  

Hazard Lane - Eject yourself down Hazard Lane looking for expensive houses and avoiding dangers.  

Ragdoll Toss - Kitten Cannon meets Ragdoll Physics.  

Byokal - Create your own kaledioscope in realtime as you drag and drop pieces onto the playing surface.  

check your match - well you just write two names and see what hapens see if you get married  

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We have 237 total weird games and cool games to choose from.

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