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Enjoy these great free weird games and cool games.
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Logo Quiz! - See how well you know common logos like Coca-Cola, McDonald's and BMW. Answer fast enough and get a high score!  

Wheres Waldo - Enjoy a classic all over again.  

Avatar High - Run a virtual school. No really, it's fun... I swear!  

Whack Your Boss - Can you find all 15 ways to whack your boss? Think the Sopranos meets Office Space.    

Design Your Own Weapon - Build your own weapon of awesome destruction any way you like!  

Idiot Test - Just how big an idiot are you? Take this simple test to find out!  

Falling Sand Game - Strange but addictive game involving stick figures and sand.    

3rd World Farmer - Endure the many hardships of 3rd world farming in this fun, challenging and interesting simulation game.    

Escape the Restroom - Try looking around for clues and objects to help you escape this Japanese washroom.  

Bash The Computer - Take out your frustration on this computer.  

Even More Bloons - Bloons returns... again!  

Are You Corrupt Enough - Flash video-based quiz in which a hotel misteress conducts your interrogation, determined to bring out the corruption within.  

Elvira Monster Smash - Help Elvira drop pumpkins on all the little crazies below.  

Death Hinge - Launch the man as far as you can using nothing but a hinge. Swing the hinge by dragging and clicking the mouse.  

Dont Let Go - Click and hold the button. Whatever happens, don't let go!  

Interactive Buddy - Have all kinds of fun interacting with your new buddy such as God Powers, Explosives, and much MUCH more!  

Tangerine Panic - Dodge as many of the huge falling tangerines as you can, tricky as more and more fall each second!  

5 Differences - Click on the 5 things you find different between the two images to advance to the next stage  

Are You a True Warrior? - Another personality test from Liquid Generation  

The Ultimate Peter Griffin Sound Board - Talk, Laugh and Fart like Peter Griffin of Family Guy  

Claxor Paintball - Draw a path to get the bouncing ball to its destination.  

Cat Fling - Sling the cat into the air to get a high score. Another fun and addicting cat game, no feline was hurt under the makings of this game.  

Balance Balls 2 - How long can you stay balanced?  

Twisted Nipples - Give this guy a super titty-twister from hell. Grab his manboobs and twist it off!  

Ragdoll Physics - Throw Bush around and watch him fall to his doom!  

Trampoline Gadget - Fling your mouse against the trampoline as hard as you can, from the left of the screen to the right. How far can you fling your cursor?  

The Stupid Test 4 - How stupid are you?  

Chainsaw - Vrooom....  

Bake Sale - Make as much money as you can in 10 days running a bake sale. Do you have the recipe for success? Find out...  

Potion Panic - You are an alchemist defending his lab from an onslaught of monsters - brew terrifying potions and lob them at the enemy to stay alive!  

Gauntlet Game - How long can you survive the gauntlet?  

Finger Twister - Twisted finger keyboard action. Original game concept. Watch for hand cramps!  

Pattern Game - Make psychedelic patterns using your mouse and a simple interface - great fun to watch!  

Surgery - Use precise movement and skill as the King's Doctor sent to do his bidding. Viewer Discretion Advised.    

INXS: Bang the Drum - Letís see if your speed and dexterity is a match for INXS's Jon Farriss.  

Hide the Hotties - All the hotties want to hang at your crib, but you've got to hide them away when their daddies come knocking.  

Gorillaz Groove Session - Make music with the Gorillaz. Can you keep the beat to their new hit song?  

Cetris - A game of colored blocks, some of which drop randomly from the stock, others you control. The goal is to form groups of 3 or more like-colored blocks.  

Bag yo Booty - Try to bag your mate's girlfriend, sister and mother. If you manage you can email him to let him know!  

Who wants to smoke my honeybear? - You've never played a trivia game like this before...and for good reason!  

Bash Your PC - Take out your frustrations on that danged PC!  

Quest for the Crown - An epic adventure game of epic epicosity!  

Pass the Ball - A very relaxing flash diversion.  

Pizza Passion - Make good pizza and get kiss from beautiful ladies. So try hard to make it good. Use mouse to play this funny game.keep it in the air for as long as possible!  

sycoMaze - An online maze game, really hard!  

Ninja Balance - How long can you remain on the ball?  

Cosmic Crush - You are an asteroid and your aim is to become a large planet, collide with smaller planets which fuse to you making you larger.  

American Pie: Beer Chugger - Chug chug chug chug chug...  

Paint Wars - Paint it like Pollock.  

Hot Corn - Pop that corn!  

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