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Too Sexy for My Granny - Shake it Grandma...  

Flexible Girl - Four year old girl roller skates UNDER over a dozen cars!  

Made A Poop Oop A Loop Shoop - Who says there are no good white rappers? Well this video certainly doesn't help that case.  

Ron Burgundy Audition - Ron Burgundy auditions for ESPN.  

Baby Maybelline - Flattery is the best way out of trouble, as any baby knows.  

Big Gozangas - A great rendition of My Sharona - plus wait till the end for a funny bonus.  

Rappin' Kitty Cat! - Rapping cats are better than rapping babies.  

Pootin Tootin Luau Louie - This video makes me question the author's sanity.  

Zelda: Lost (Part 2) - Part two of the Zelda: Lost series. Very funny.  

The Milkshake Song - A cute cartoon spoof of another famous ditty. Is it me or does the singer sound like Bob from Veggie Tales...  

SuperBowl Commercials! - You know that is the real reason to watch the game!    

We're Out of Pampers - Singing Babies? Oh there's always more singing babies.  

Glen Quagmire Compilation - Glen Quagmire (Family Guy) Clips.  

The Disappearing Lake Peigneur - Watch in awe as an engineering mishap turns into a catastrophic event.  

Will Ferrell SNL Moments - Will Ferrell is a funny guy.  

10 Things Not to Say to a Naked Guy - A fat naked guy won't want to hear ....  

Ahh Immigration - A parody song about immigration.  

My Two Big Pink Balls - You can do so much with pink balls.  

Between The Sheets - What goes on between the sheets?  

Egg Fight - Gotcha!  

MEN problems - How many problems start with Men?  

Number 23 Magic Trick - How does he do it?  

Anorexican - I wanna be an Anorexian!  

Hillary for President!? - Could it be? Do I care? Will this video be outdated in 6 months?  

In Praise of Older Women - Old women are the best for so many reasons...  

Lindsay's in Rehab Again! - The revolving door of Hollywood stars; Lindsay Lohan back in rehab.  

Beer Beaver Botchery - A parody on "Girls" by the Beasty Boys.  

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