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Enjoy these great free strategy games.
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Cup Game - Figure out which cup the ball is hidden in, in this 15 level cup game.  

Quantum Legacy Initial Tactics - Futuristic real-time strategy game with a sci-fi theme. Requires login to play.  

Yellow Out - Move the vehicles to make a way out for the yellow one.  

Zoo Vet - You take on the role as a Zoo Vet and treat a sick penguin.  

Dealer - Deal drugs around in NYC and pay off your loan... or else.  

Mosquito Bite - Kill the mosquitos before they bite you. Click on mosquitos to kill them.  

Bomb Defusal - Try to defuse the bomb in less than 20 minutes or else  

Switchboard - Click the Green and White bulbs, but don't click the Red ones!  

Coffee Tycoon - Run your own coffee franchise in this highly caffeinated sim game.  

Age of Castles - Demons from the underworld attack the kingdoms of man. You must battle to regain control of the land!    

Micro Life - Feed and care for your little Micro creatures.  

Mortimer and the Enchanted Castle - Guide Mortimer through the infamous Castle MacFear, solving puzzles as you go. A mix between Lemmings and the Incredible machine.  

Five a Row - Form lines of five in a row. Concentrate, the clock is against you in this brain challenging game!  

Ant War - Try to build a successful ant colony in this easy-to-learn and fun ant simulation game. One billion ants conquers the world!  

Star Monger - StarMonger is a space-based strategy game (think 'Risk' in space). Colonize planets and take star systems away from the enemy ships.  

Crimson Warfare - Build your forces and send em off to certain destruction.  

Square Run - Guide a square through tough obstacles and switches. Don't let the graphics or lack of sound fool you, this is a fun puzzle game.  

Spaceshooter - Defend the Earth from the attacking aliens.  

Beat the Meter - Fill up gas for as many cars as you can and don't let them wait too long or overfill, or there will be a spillage!  

Prince of War - Play as Prince Vern and take command of your army of brave warriors.  

Fish Tycoon - These are your fish, and like real fish, you need to care for them. Feed them and cure them when they get sick and you'll be in business!    

Acceleracers - You must connect the pieces from the left to right to move a car across the realm as soon as you can to get to next stage.  

Drivers Ed Game - Drivers Ed game, practice driving online with this fun drivers Ed game. After completing the practice test, follow the rules of the road and pass the  

Forensic Challenge - This is a game to see what really doesn't happen on the T.V show C.S.I.  

Via Sol 2 - A civilization style empire builder!  

Samurai Defense - Defend your Japanese town from hordes of enemies trying to destroy it.  

Temple Guardian - Defend your temple against an onslaught of enemies.  

Castle Smasher - Conquer the kingdom by firing catapult stones at your enemy's castle.  

Xeno Tactic - Defend your sector by building weapons to kill the enemies  

Flash Empires 2 - A holiday tower defense game!  

Stalingrad - Defend the Russian front!  

Strategy Defense - You are the last warrior left and you must rescue Fayla's family and destroy the Doven empire in this cool RPG strategy game.  

Manifold - Get your guy to the finish of each level. Use A,W,D to move. Press Space bar to retreive anomalies. Use mouse to shoot anomalies to move the guy.  

Invasion Tactical Defense - The aliens have found the last weapons factory of earth, and it has been left up to you to defend it until it can fight back...  

Urban Planner - Build your own city and make it grow and try to get the highest population!  

The Blade of Innocence - Defend your castle while destroying the enemy's.  

Orbit - You're a comit. Don't crash until the timer says so.  

Dice Wars - Conquer the world in this risk style conquest game!  

Territory War - Fight head-to-head with a team of 3 combatants against a live or computer opponent,. Do you have what it takes to claim all the territory?  

Poker Point - Can you get the total on the cards to add up to 26 in four columns?  

Turret Defense - Build turrets to shoot them down the enemy attack using your money, and construct power stations to provide electricity to them.  

Pandemic - Create a virus to exterminate mankind!  

Close Combat - A brilliant turn based war game. Play this fantastic turn based game, take control of your chosen side, to eliminate the opposing enemy.  

Sea of Fire - An intense real time strategy game.  

Dotville - Lead your dot army and defeat the squares in a turn based empire building game.  

Trapped - You wake up not knowing who or where you are, locked in a bathroom. Can you escape? Only time will tell.  

Troyis - Fill in the squares by using the "L" move of a knight in chess.  

Shock Defence - Build towers to kill all the creeps, stop them from getting to the end.  

Break In 2 - The little Break In man is back and better, with new game scenes and more action! Evade spotlights, infra-red detectors, traps and bullets to reach the final destination. It has six levels with increasing degrees of difficulty and fun.  

Cookie Tycoon - Become a cookie tycoon!  

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