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Sports Games Free Online and Skill Games Page 6
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Enjoy these great free sports games.
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Field Goal - See how many field goals you can make in 3 minutes! Pay attention to the wind direction and wind speed.  

Spooky Hoops - Pick up all the jack-o-lanterns for energy and then run into the end zone to pass the level. Avoid the bombs and the defensive skeletons.  

kick up world cup - Keepy Uppy with a twist...Hit the goals for bonus. See how your country is fairing in the world ranking. Challenge your mates in a private league!  

Javelin Throw - How far can you throw your missile?  

Island Mini Golf - Play miniature golf with Gilligan and the Skipper, the Professor and Mary Anne. Or something like that.  

Pinbrawl - Cool online pinball game.  

Candystand Billiards - Play straight billiards against other live opponents on the web!  

Kickin It - You have 30 seconds to kick 7 field goals for the home team. Take the wind into account, snap the ball, and go!  

Super Handball - Take your handball game to the next level in this great 3D game. 4th grade has never been cooler!  

Look Alive - Kick the ball at all the kids running by. Use left mouse to kick. Each time you miss you drop energy, bonuses for multiple hits.  

Snowboard - See how fast you can get down the hill like the real skiing.  

Disc Golf - Just like regular golf, only with frisbies.  

Park Soccer - Try to keep the soccer ball in the air for as long as you can without letting it hit the ground.  

Flash Rodeo - Use your mouse to try to stay on the bull the longest.  

KICK DA PC - How far can you kick your PC? Now featuring clay.  

Ski 2000 - Ski game with awesome graphics, try to avoid the drunk skiers.  

Aussie Surf Classic - Surfs up! Steer your surfer to avoid all sorts of water-borne hazards and catch some awesome air!  

Virtual Olympics - Compete in six disciplines at the Olympics. Beat your score in running, highjump, javelin, shotput, highjump and 110m hurdles. Bust the records!  

Elastic Soccer - Weird new kind of soccer game with elastic players and odd gravitational effects.  

Santa Ski Jump - Jump off the platform using Santa and get as many coins as you can  

Kickups - Keep the soccer ball in the air as long as you can by hitting it with your mouse.  

Bloody Pingu - Fantastic game where you have to hit a penguin as far as you can, mines placed on the floor will help increase you distance.  

Mili and Tary - Mili and Tary enjoy hitting each other with bats to see how far they can fly through the snow. Guess there's not a lot to do during the winter time where they're from.  

FlickNKick - Avoid tackles and convert your goals in this rugby game.  

Bowling - Classical arcade bowling game, pick your shoes and bowling ball and bowl.  

Toboggan Jump - Ride the toboggan down the slope and choose the speed you want to go, then jump through the hoop at the end.  

Soca Soccer - Kick the football and keep it in the air as long as possible. Shoot the goodies, but beware of the dead pirate!  

Snowboarding - Every pair of trees is a gate that you must pass between. You get a time penalty for each gate you miss. Avoid the rocks that will make you fall.  

Monkey Curling - Choose your Monkeys and get ready to play a mean game of Curling. More points means more cash.  

Freaky Footbal - Grab beans and score goals in this freaky game of the American Football. Watch out for the opposing players - they tackle hard!  

Juggle The Balls - Test your skills through this ball juggling game  

Quick Shot - Shoot as many baskets as you can before time runs out.  

Ultimate Football - Test your throwing arm as QB.  

Real Pool - When was the last time you played a good game of pool? Great Flash pool game with a good opponent AI.    

St. Mulligan's 3-Putt - The best selling golf book is now an online game. ee it up and win at St. Mulligan's 3Putt.  

Super Bowl - Cute bowling game with cartoon characters.  

Verti Golf 2 - Cool 3d golfing game.  

Thin Ice - Help Frozone from the Incredibles in this thrilling rooftop adventure.  

Super League - It's a hockey shootout in the true Canadian tradition.  

Japan Sumo Sushi Soccer - Try to kick the sushi roll as often as possible into the goal of the opponent sumo fighter.  

Good Golly What a Volley! - Rack up as many volleys in a row to knock off the keeper and get the best score  

World Cup Keepy-Ups - Take your soccer game from the office to the streets to the stadium, all with amazing soccer moves and bullet-time slow motion effects!  

Virtual Champions League - Try to win a soccer tournament.  

Pool Jam - Use your mouse to set the angle of your cue. Left click mouse and drag the cue to set the power for your shot. Finally, release the left mouse button  

Pocket Soccer - Arcade style soccer game against an intelligent computer opponent.  

Torino 2006 Snowboarding - Try your hand at snowboarding at the Torino 2006 Winter Olympics!  

Kick Off - This is a cool soccer game. First shoot, then defend  

Skateboy - Skate around the town doing random tricks to earn big points.  

Gavin the Pro Golf Goblin - Gavin the goblin is loose on the golf coucre causing all sorts of trouble, as well have having a few rounds of golf at the same time. Can you survive?  

Online Ski Jumping - Time your jump just right to launch your skiier into the air. Use the mouse to adjust your skiier in the air to maximize your jump distance  

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