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Enjoy these great free shooting games.
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Metal Arena 3 - Lead your powerful tank to victory on 24 challenging levels filed with deadly enemies form all kinds.  

Dawn Of The Zombies - Shoot zombies as they attack and defend yourself.  

Pro Sniper - You are a highly trained pro sniper and you have been called upon to assassinate as many criminals and terrorists as possible.  

The Breach - Fight horrible creatures, upgrade your character, collect powerful item in this unique side scrolling shooting flash Horror Adventure.  

Stop that vuvuzela - Stop that Vuvuzela is a funny puzzle game. Shoot the vuvuzelas of the soccer worldcup 2010 in order to give peace to the stadium. (not rated)

War Of The Cells - Take control of a powerful alien lifeform, that has been buried for aeons…waiting to unleash its unique powers.  

Barn Shoot Up - Zombies have invaded your barn! Instead if crying in the corner you pick up a shot gun now it is time to blast those zombies away!  

Robokill - Liberate Space Station Titan Prime in this classic arcade shooter with RPG elements.  

Lightwing - Top-down classic style space shooter game.  

ShootM - Shoot, throw grenades and punch the little stick man! Earn better and deadlier weapons along the way.  

HELIC - You are the main air support against an army of soldiers coming to attack your base in HELIC!  

AGH Zombies - AGH! Zombies! (not rated)

Shooter Max - Excellent shooter where you have two different kind of weapons at your disposal.    

Abductroids - Blast chains of enemies in this arcade style alien shooter. (not rated)

Gunbot - Shoot a lot of stuff and get stronger by getting more guns, shields and skills.  

Air defence 3 - Protect your base and build up you military forces.  

Sky Defender - Shoot the planes, UFOs, jets and missiles out of the sky! Features 3 levels and 3 bosses.  

GunRun - Run and gun in this awesome shooting spree!  

Crazy Castle - Use all sorts of crazy weapons to keep the monsters out of your castle!  

Turkey Hunt - Santa's on a rampage! Blast turkeys from your snowmobile with high-explosive missiles. Gobble gobble!  

Space Invaders - SpaceInvaders with multiple highscores. Kill the aliens before they land or kill you!  

Naval Gun - Shoot'em up war game, take out the enemy planes before they dive bomb you.  

3D Shooter - Shoot down the targets with your rifle before time runs out.  

Robobug Blaster - Protect the boxes from the hungry robobugs. You are RobobugBlaster, so use your trusty blaster to pwn those bugs.  

Mars Hopper - Alien shooting game with a global high score board.  

Happy and Smile - Shoot and kill the bank robbers.  

DHC Bottle Blaster 4 - Shooting action has a new level of intensity. 75 levels!  

The Shootout - As a member of the Philadelphia Counter-Terrorism Unit, you are thrown into a shootout between yourself and the bad guys.  

Turkey Shot - Try and defeat all the turkeys coming at you, it gets harder and harder!  

Doomrunner - Fantastic "shoot-em-up" space game! At first it is easy but wait until you reach level 20 (if you can!) and it is getting really tough!  

Damnation: DooM Game e1m1 - Shoot down the hords of demons in this classic PC Doom remake!  

Uniwar LC - One of the greatest Space Shooters ever made! Only for people who want a real challenge, which changes the limits of enemies from 20 to 900.  

The Gunsmith - Shoot your way to the secret weapons factories in this side-scrolling shooter game. Jump over the mines and shoot the bad guys.  

Spec Ops - Use pistols, assault rifles and sniper rifles. Find Bin Laden and kill him. War on Terrorism.  

Space Carrots - Rescue the alien space carrots from the rotatting planet, neutralize hostile aircrafts and cosmic debris. Use up key to thrust, down key to break, z and x to shoot, space to tractor beem and left, right arrow keys to steer.  

Air Invaders - This home is full of all kinds of pollutants and air-borne Baddies. Help Dave destroy the Baddies with his Clean Air Machine before time runs out.  

Quail Hunting School - Great parody game showing what it takes to be the Vice President of hunting.  

Vermilion Archetype - Shooting game. 20 upgrades and over 10 missions to survive.  

Dead Eye - Shoot the center of the target!  

Dry Fire - Shoot down anything that comes close to you.  

Kill the Frog - Kill the frog before time runs out!  

James Bunny - It's your mission to get back the carrots stolen from BunnyLand by the dirty stinking Rats out to starve the Bunny Nation.  

Wild Pistol - Get rid of all the bandits!  

Soldier of Pain - Control your brave soldier, in this challenging shooting game.  

Deadly Dwarves - Load up your shooter and kill all of the evil dwarfs before they kill you!  

Ammo Ambush 2 - You are a top secret service agent deep in enemy territory. Clear the area of enemies and escape to your evac chopper. That's an order!    

Enkai - In the Manako Galaxy the Osiris System has been taken over by a rogue Allaince. It's up to you, the Galactic Federation's best pilot, to take them all out!    

Drakojan Skies Acolytes - No more missions. This time the fight is for real. The continuing saga of the Drakojan series.  

Drakojan Skies 1 - Jump into your high tech fighter and blast your way through hordes of enemy ships!  

Drakojan Skies 2 - Blast into the skies at high velocity and shoot down the enemy forces!  

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