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Enjoy these great free shooting games.
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Dawn of the Dead - Shoot the zombies before they get you! Based on the movie.  

Tank Ball - Explore a detailed 3D environment while blasting other tanks with your cannon.  

Endless War 3 - In Endless War 3 you must lead your soldiers through several deadly wars of today, tomorrow, and beyond.  

The Last Stand 2 - Sequel to a hit defense game.  

Dead Frontier: Night 3 - Kill those zombies, Bang bang!    

The Professional 3 - Time to take a little revenge break.  

Urban Sniper 2 - Excellent sniper game.  

Dead Frontier - Kill zombies and survive your first night of the living dead.  

Zombie 3 - Zombies are like a virus spreading through your city, drop bombs on them from above to stop them.  

Sniper WW II - You are a sniper behind enemy lines in World War II.  

Resident Evil Shootout - How long can you last against the zombies? Pick up new weapons along the way to increase your chances.  

Endless War 7 - WW2 combat sim  

All Hallow's Eve - Hungry zombies are attacking. What's a poor guy with a bunch of guns to do?  

Capture the Newbies - Capture the Newbies is a kid-friendly 3D first-person shooter featuring Nicktoons characters.  

Dead Frontier: Night Two - Can you survive a second night of horror in Dead Frontier, Night 2?  

Tentacle Beast - Avoid this beast  

AsterBlast - Blast tons of space debris and loads of baddies in this high intensity space shooter.  

Real Space 2 - Defend your convoy of spaceships from an onslaught of evil aliens!    

BoxHead More Rooms - Sequel to BoxHead: The Rooms. Very addictive  

Boxhead 2Play - Play with a friend in Co-op or Deathmatch mode! Cool new features!  

Snowman Hunter - Hunt Mr. Frosty in this New Year shooter!  

Heli Hell - An incredible 3D Helicopter Combat game!  

Ammo Ambush - It's you against an entire army. Good thing the army can't hit the broad side of a barn! Also good that you have an awesome arsenal of weapons.  

Metal Wrath - Jump into your super charged fighter and launch a full scale strike against the evil robot fleet. Yeah!  

Tactical Assassin - Take on the role of a deadly sniper and skillfully assassinate your targets.  

Lotus vs Apache - Reckon you've got the firepower to destroy a quick-witted Lotus Exige from the cockpit of an Apache helicopter?  

Mow Em Down - Mow down everything in sight!  

Elf Zapper - It's Christmas and the evil green Elves have taken over Santa's workshop! Shoot the green ones and last as long as you can!  

Simpsons Shooter - Blow away the colourful cast of the Simpsons in this fun shooting game. Now you have the chance to kill Ned Flanders!  

Zombie Survival - On a dark rainy night our hero's truck broke down in the middle of a dense forest! It is believed that this forest is inhabited by the living dead  

Zombie 4 - Blastify the zombies before they zombify all your civilians.  

Retromania - Shoot the enemies while collecting powerups and avoiding certain doom.  

100 Men - Use your MOUSE to aim and LEFT CLICK to shoot. Collect health bonusses and ammo. Use 1(Machinegun)/2(At gun)/3(Grenade launcher) to change weapon, mouse to control.  

Square Shooter - Intense and addictive abstract shooting game. Avoid the squares, collect powerups, shoot them down and become the king of highscores!  

Last Stand - Defend yourself against the attacking zombies.  

Sniper Defense - Defend your fortress in the most robust sniper game of all time.  

BLACK 3 - The B.L.A.C.K series returns to triumph!  

Apple Shooter - Shoot the apple... the APPLE.  

Mama Fly - The mother of all shooters.  

Alien Slayer 3D - A 3d action shooter!  

Splinter Cell - Shoot to kill.  

Counter Strike Boom - Boom...  

Fluxion - Fluxion is fully mouse controlled top down space shooter. Blast enemies to earn credits and upgrade your ship at the end of each level.  

1945KIII - Very graphics Arcade shooting game.  

Shape invasion - Destroy the shapes before they destroy your base.  

Rocket Fighter - Go on missions on the Lost Land of Orain and fight aggressive monsters by shooting them up  

Starship 11 - Shoot 'em down ... fly away!  

Absolute Madness - Kill all enemies that appear to reach other levels.  

Art of War 2 - Purge the fascists from the glorious city of Stalingrad!  

Scared - Another planet. Maze-like corridors. Large, spindly robots. What’s around the corner? Find ammo, med-kits and key-cards. Shoot your way out!  

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