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Enjoy these great free racing games.
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Buggy Run 2 - This time you have to beat the time and their is a helicopter gunship trying to to your buggy from running!  

T-Zero Turbo X - Remember F-Zero? Well this is T-Zero. Space age hover car racing.  

Big Truck Adventures 3 - Race your big truck through the brush.  

Sprint Race 3D - Race down this winding, busy street in 3D. A high energy car chase!  

Winter Rider - Racing tilty bikes through the snow.  

Moto Jump - You're in Vegas to attempt the the new motorcycle jumping record!  

Redneck Olympics - Yee frickin haw!?  

Shopping Cart Hero - Race your shopping cart off crazy jumps! Earn upgrades and score groupies!  

Top Truck - Drive your monster truck over an arena of pits, metal and cars. Smash!  

Race Choppers - Are you man enough to ride with the West Coast Choppers? Fire up your bike and race to the finish line before the time runs out.  

Crazy Orcs Racing - Race your medieval tilty car to squash sheep and humans. Don't get crushed.  

Monster Truck Maniac 2 - The new crazy monster truck game.  

Dirtbike Championship - Race your dirtbike to the championship.  

Driver's Ed 2 - Can you pass driver's ed?  

Hawaiian Runner - Race and upgrade buggies across Hawaii's toughest terrain. Upgrade your buggy with everything from monster wheels to flame decals.  

Amazing Race - The terrain is nasty but you've got one monster truck for a ride. Race this suped up beast and taste the power of extreme truck racing.  

Dune Buggy - Collect stars and try to stay upright while racing your dune buggy.  

ZipZaps Street Rally - Get behind the wheel of a realistic 3D computer game! You can drive the cars through 3 challenging and intricately curved night tracks.  

Monster Truck Curfew - Fly threw suburbia in your monster truck while trying to avoid pedestrians and police officers.  

Vector Runner - Use the left and right arrow keys to pilot your ship in this fast paced 3D racing avoider game.  

Extreme Racing 2 - Stay on the racing track for 90 seconds. Be sure to avoid all of the oil spills, traffic cones and oh ya other race cars.  

Super Motocross - A new Motocross Bike skill game for you! Use your arrow keys to ride the motorbike.  

Aeroplane Jelly Great Birthday Air Race - Race around on top of a cake in the airplane of your choice. using the left, right and up as your controls.  

Truck Ice Racing - Fun ice racing game - drive your big truck through the ice as fast as possible.  

Rally 2100 - Use the mouse to control your racer!  

Motor Bike - Ride your bike across desert terrain.  

AMG Drift Revolution - Drift through the snowy mountains in your tuned Mercedes-Benz  

TRN 47 Subversion - High speed tunnel racing! Avoid the red shields - they damage your craft. Hit the booster pads for a momentary speed boost.  

Ice Bitch Drift - Race around an icy track using your nitrous-powered sled.  

Trolley Racer - Shopping Kart racing Game!  

Tunnel Rush - You have 2 minutes to collect points. Shoot or avoid obstacles that can cause you to lose time.  

Formula Fog - 3d Forumla Racing game with very nice graphics and easy controls.  

Fugitive Takedown - Police pursuit racing game made as a homage to two-fisted TV host Sheriff John Bunnell.  

Monsta Truk - Try to get that monster truck through various courses without rolling over  

Mad Truckers - Deliver cargo before the time ends by driving as fast as you can down the twisty roads.  

Drome Dual - You must race eight labs in the fastest possible time, drive into the checkpoints , the next checkpoint you must drive into will turn green!  

3D Motorbike Racing - Nice racing multiplayer game.  

Ricky Bobby's Fast Track - I'm going fast mama!  

Mafia Driver - Be a driver for the mafia.  

Monster Jam Destruction - Destroy everything in your monster truck!  

Autobahn - Drive far as you can without crashing.  

Tiger Cross - Earn your stripes!  

Deadly Race - Kill or be killed.  

Age Of Speed - Master the race tracks of the future as you tackle loop the loops, huge jumps and corkscrews.  

Micro Racer 2 - Micro Racers 2 is a sweet little car racing game like 'Micro Machines'.  

Motor Bike 2 - Try to get trough the rough levels without damaging the bike!  

Gilera Runner - You've got somewhere to be! GO GO GO!  

Replay Racer 2 - Race around the track twice to beat your best.  

Desert Race - Race through the hot desert.  

Speed Warrior - Win races, buy better cars and win more races.  

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