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Enjoy these great free racing games.
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VXR - Select from 3 high-performance cars and race around the track to see who's VXR enough to win. Features both 1- and 2-player modes.  

Ice Racer - Drive up challenging Antarctic mountains and pits to reach the next level!  

Parking Perfection 3 - The long awaited parking perfection 3 driving game. The third in the Parking Perfection series of games from - "The Exam"!  

3D Hyper Jet Racing - High octane, futuristic 3D jet racing!  

Diesel and Death - Outrace or outgun your opponent in this action-packed bike race through an abandoned city. Lots of weapons and powerups keep this one moving fast!    

King of Power - Race your powerboat over the 7 championship courses, amazing 3D gameplay!  

Speedy Santa 3D - Great game where you race against the clock in the sleigh. Beat your own ghost car and compete against the world!  

Desert Rally - Race against the computer on three different tracks and choose from three different cars.  

Star Fall - Drive around the circuit and avoid the falling starts, or else your car will be turned into a flaming wreck!    

Micro Racers - Get micro and zoom to the finish is this challenging, super charged racing game.  

5 Miles 2 Go Nascar - Try to beat 5 other cars in this great Nascan inspired racing game.  

Roadtrip - Help the family get to their vacation hotspot by dodging traffic in your highly modified minivan.  

Highway Hunter - Drive along the highway killing other motorist and cops. High octane, criminal gaming at its best!  

GH Racer - A cool driving game, choose from 3 cars and 3 levels but watch out for the mines  

Parking Perfection 2 - Park your car nicely in this second version of parking perfection 2. Includes ice path and darkness.    

Gone in 60 Seconds - To save your brother from the gangsters, you have to steal 10 cars before the time is up!  

Star Racer - Select a racer and race in this futuristic style game.  

4x4 Rally - Finish each level in one of the first 3 positions to get to the next level. Use arrow keys to control your car.  

Heavy Metal Rider - Customize the ride with speed, steering and acceleration and race through the track by collecting different items in order to reach the finish line in the shortest time.  

Space Racer - Select from different ships with various speeds and controls as you race in space!  

Kaizen Racing - Racing your car around the track but you have to pit-in once for every lap to make sure your car is running smoothly.  

Tanked Up - Win the race and leave the opposition behind in shellshock.  

TRN 47 Subversion - High speed tunnel racing! Avoid the red shields - they damage your craft. Hit the booster pads for a momentary speed boost.  

Ice Bitch Drift - Race around an icy track using your nitrous-powered sled.  

Trolley Racer - Shopping Kart racing Game!  

3D Rally Racing - Drive your Toyota Celica or Ford Focus and unlock all five tracks by placing first on each track.  

Tunnel Rush - You have 2 minutes to collect points. Shoot or avoid obstacles that can cause you to lose time.  

Ace Driver - Everyone can drive fast, but can you drive carefully through this hazardous environment to become the ultimate Ace Driver?  

Beetle Buggin - Get race to get all the disc's before time runs out.  

Wheelers - Super bike racing on 4 different tracks based in Scotland, Florida, Switzerland and Mexico.  

Drag Racer - Tweak and Drag Race your car to Maximum Performance!  

Extreme Racing - Dodge slower cars by moving left or right to complete all ten tracks.  

White Van Man - Oh, no, it's the white van man. How fast can you go?  

5 Miles To Go - Very cool racing game. Run 5 races to register your best track time.  

Ultimate Racing - Intense racing action with camera zoom and awesome cars.  

Christmas Chaos - Guide your Penguin through the bookstore collecting presents for all your friends back in Antarctica. Who knew penguins could read?  

Thump - Control a high-powered van as you do laps and unlock new tracks. Stay on the road, mamn!  

Street Cred - Race through city streets at high speeds.  

SPRacing - Classic top-view racing game(with missiles!). Compete in the cup, or try to make top course times in time trails.  

FFX Race - Great 3D racing game, see if you can outdistance the pack and take the curves without wiping out.  

Formula Racer - Crazy 3D effects in this racing game, the track rotates around you as you maneuver around the course.  

Baja - 3D version of the classic Rally-X, try to collect all the flags in the maze while avoiding the chase car. Don't forget to use your smokescreen!  

Formula Racing - Race as one of today's top Formula One racers on challenging tracks.  

Splash And Dash - Fans of Formula 1 racing will rejoice at this realistic racing sim. We rejoiced at the fact we could paint our car "light my fire" red!  

Paper Cup - Race your paper airplane against whimsical opponents.  

Bumper Karts - Multi-track racing action. Bash a path through your opponents, but don't scuff your paint job on the walls!  

Rudolph's Nose Job - Help Rudolph and an out-of-work TV repairman save Christmas.  

Arctic 3D Racer - 3D snowmobile racing game, pick up cookies and Lifesavers to boost your speed.  

Knugg Rally - Choose from one of 5 different alien racing vehicles on a challenging intergalactic race course! Skid out, fire rockets, and do tricky jumps.  

Heatwave Racing - Hot 3D racing game with cool cel-shaded graphics.  

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We have 451 total racing games to choose from.

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