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Puzzle Games Free Online Page 9
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Enjoy these great free puzzle games.
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Autumn in Scotland - Online Jigsaw Puzzle with 54 pieces and multiple highscores. Fastest player gets the highscore, so be quick!  

Marble Match - Match three or more marbles of the same color to clear them from the board. You must clear a certain number of marbles to advance to next round.  

Crabs - A challenging puzzle game where you have to get all of the crabs to their home tiles.  

American Eagle - Online jigsaw puzzle with highscores.  

Oscar The Owl - Online jigsaw puzzle with 70 pieces and online global highscores.  

3D Sudoku - Play the hottest puzzle game around. Fill in the blanks with the numbers 1 through 9. Do not repeat a number in the same row or column.  

The Koala Puzzle - Jigsaw puzzle with 54 pieces and highscores. Fastest player gets the top highscore.  

Ball Revamped 4 - Can you survive through all the levels? Guide your ball through many challenges and you will be the champion.  

xSnake - Snake game with a puzzle twist. See how long you can survive.  

Fireman - Save the village and put out the fire. Connect the host to the hydrant from the fire. Pass by golden tiles for bonus points.  

Jewel Of Atlantis - Unique underwater match-3 puzzle fun.  

Jack Russell - Guide your dog (a Jack Russell) over the obstacle course without getting him killed.  

Parking Zone - Move around the cars to match their color parking spaces in this great puzzle game.  

Lioncub - Online jigsawpuzzle with 54 pieces and highscores. The picture is a photograph of a cute Serengetti lioncub.  

Santa Balls 3D - Swap christmas tree balls in this wonderfully festive match three.  

Plumber Part 2 - Rotate the pipes by clicking on them in order to connect the tap with the overflow pipe. Once you've connected the pipes click the tap finish.  

Sudoku Original - The rules to Sudoku are very simple: fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9.  

Ultimate Crush - The object of the game is to clear the entire game screen quickly. Using your mouse, click on the objects that are grouped together to remove them.  

Conundrum - Raise all 25 blocks as fast as you can by clicking on them.  

Cubic Rubic - Virtual Rubic's Cube!  

Flower Frenzy - The object of the game is to quickly align 3 or more flowers horizontally or vertically by clicking with your mouse.  

Halloween Smash - Match-3 Halloween candy game. Boo!  

Sudoku - Fill the grid with numbers 1 to 9, avoiding the use of the same number twice in any row or column.  

La Dolce Vita - Jigsaw puzzle with 54 pieces and highscores. Fastests player gets top of the highscores, so be quick!  

Lost City Of Gold - Adventure to the Lost City of Gold and find boundless treasures.  

Memory - Classic game of memory with a funny host character.  

Spark Your Neurons - Classic puzzle game, try to jump stones over each other until only one is left.  

Sports Smash - Match-3 game using sports balls.  

Cyberbox - Moving-blocks style game with lots of different kinds of pieces to move around.  

Hey Fishface! - Online jigsaw puzzle with 70 pieces and multiple timebased highscores  

Wheels of Salvation - Escape from the mine and the lava by jumping on rotating wheels, collecting powerups as you go.  

Oshiro - A Towers of Hanoi type game.  

Crimson Room - How do you get outta here?  

Kylemore Abbey - Online jigsaw puzzle with 70 pieces and timebased online highscores.  

ISO Infected - Can you steer the marble to pick up the gems on each level?  

Hex Mines - A hex version of the famous minesweeper game. This game is so addicting.  

Quick Brick - Game like Collapse with lots of cool powerups.  

Magnetism - 100 levels with magnets that attract and repel, walls, goo, goo walls, electro magnets, wooden balls, shock absorbers, gravity and more!  

Celebrity Puzzler (male) - Restore the pictures of these male movie stars as fast as possible. The faster you make it, the better you score. Click on two tiles to swap them.  

Puzzle Bowling - Unique action puzzle where you need to drag puzzle pieces to get all the pins in the board. 26 levels from easy to very hard!  

Guess-the-Google - Can you guess what all these pictures from Google have in common? Guess-the-Google and win!  

Cube Bugs - Remove all the bugs by clicking on adjacent sets of two or more. Can you remove all the bugs from each level?  

Sparks Recharged - Help the spark find the center by flipping gates.  

The Hungry Chipmunk - Online jigsaw puzzle with 48 pieces and timebased highscores  

Bloomin' Gardens - Prevent the garden from going wild. Get the plants in lines of 5 to clear them from the garden.  

Puzzleland - This fun point-and-click adventure has multiple levels of increasing difficulty to discover.  

Pearl Hunt - Guide the pearls through the maze before time runs out.  

WordFall - Letters fall from the top of the screen and you must click them into words before they hit the bottom. Very addicting.  

Reaktor - Plutonium powered puzzle game fun, put the pieces of the Reaktor in place before it explodes.  

Sobics - Clear blocks in this well done action puzzle game.  

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