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Puzzle Games Free Online Page 8
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Enjoy these great free puzzle games.
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Lost Kingdom Prophecy - Save the kingdom (not rated)

Fortune Tiles - Enlightened matching  

Youda Jewel Shop - Get ready to shine! (not rated)

Tropical Fish Shop 2 - Get exotic (not rated)

Fusion Rocket - Fusion Rocket is a completely original puzzle game, with a simple pick up and play type gameplay. (not rated)

Evoly - Evolve some fun (not rated)

Treasure Island - Yo ho ho!  

Holy Ankh - Match the ankhs in this Egyptian themed collapse game!  

Treasures of Montezuma 2 in 1 Bundle - 2 for 1  

Pack It - Pack the balls in this physics game full of awesome mind cracking levels. Are you ready to face this challenge.  

Gold Fever - Solid gold matching  

Five Minute Finder - This is a simple hidden objects game for fans of this game genre!  

Sudoku Latin Squares - Red hot sudoku (not rated)

Furrble Inc. - The furrbles love finding new friends! It's your job to match them with one another so that they can parrrrtttyy! (not rated)

Wonderlines - Draw the line (not rated)

Treasure Island 2 - Shiver me timbers  

Zombies Shooter - Shoot all the zombies with your deadly ricocheting bullets! (not rated)

Shapefold - Fold connected structures into simple shapes in this physics puzzle game!  

Monkey Puzzle - Dislodge monkeys by firing colored balls at them. You control a Curious George-like man in a hat.  

Pochle - Make sets of items based on shape, color and number to get the best possible hand.  

Blob Twist - Make patterns with your colored blobs to clear the board. Easy to learn, hard to master.  

Little Soldiers - Guide your little soldiers to safety in a variety of jungle mazes. Fun puzzle game, great graphics!  

Da' Numba - Clear the screen of numbered tiles by adding up the correct combination!  

Rocket Bob - Help Rocket Bob jump from platform to platform in the construction site. Don't forget to use your airbrakes!  

Absurd Atlantis - A match-3 game set under the sea. Launch sea creatures with your trident to clear the oceans of cute aquatic life forms.  

Gondolier in Venice - A timebased jigsaw puzzle with 70 pices and daily, weekly & Alltime highscores.  

Puzzle Bowling - Unique action puzzle where you need to drag puzzle pieces to get all the pins in the board. 26 levels from easy to very hard!  

Guess-the-Google - Can you guess what all these pictures from Google have in common? Guess-the-Google and win!  

Cube Bugs - Remove all the bugs by clicking on adjacent sets of two or more. Can you remove all the bugs from each level?  

Sly Ball - Move the pieces to get three in a row.  

Double Color - The purpose of the game is to change color of all the balls to red; to do this, click on the ball and it and the neighboring ones will change their color. The game has three modes with different number of balls at the board. The more balls the more difficult the game.  

Shady Deals - You're a Wise Guy in this Match-5 game, do a good job or you'll be sleeping with the fishes!  

No Name Game #1 - Can you make your way through the obstacle course without touching the walls?  

Palantir - Match 3 to win, shoot the colored balls at an angle to hit your target.  

SOS Plumber - The cistern has just cracked. Using pipes, you must bring the liquid to the collector to acoid spillage.  

Scooby Doo Coolsville Clue Hunt - Help Shaggy and Scooby find the clues in Coolsville driving the Mystery Van. Scooby Doo, where are you?  

Tiny Creatures - A colorful columns-like puzzle game, with funny bonuses and bad tiles, fun music and three different game difficulties.  

Highway - Drag the cars out of the way to free your automobile, similar to the classic puzzle.  

Push Pull - Push and pull the stacks of 3D blocks to get them all to the same level. Simple but very difficult!  

Keyball - Isolate the red and blue balls by typing with the keyboard. Sounds simple, but a fun challenge!  

Cool Balls - Cool Balls is a nice addictive puzzle game for children and adults.  

Deduction - Similar to the classic board game Mastermind, Deduction is a modern version with a slick interface. Challenging, for all you Mensa types out there!  

Sonic Blocks - Sonic the Hedgehog themed Tetris game, including bonus mini-games when you get a good combo.  

Arithmetiles - Create as many Arithmetile combinations as possible before time runs out. Beat the clock and advance to an entirely different puzzle.  

Badaboom - See how many pieces you can clear before the time runs out. If you like Collapse, you'll like Badaboom!  

Road Blocks - Great puzzle game, get the ball to the goal in each level. Simple, right? Try it and find out!  

Trick or Treat Beat - Switch costumes to activate your super Haloween powers. Guaranteed fun all year round!  

SnapShotz - Can you spot the differences between the two identical-looking photos?  

Name That Game - Listen to sound clips of classic video games, then try to guess which game they belong to.  

Mahjong - Classic Mahjong tile matching game.  

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We have 600 total puzzle games to choose from.

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