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Puzzle Games Free Online Page 7
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Enjoy these great free puzzle games.
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Magical Mysteries - Path of the Sorceress (not rated)

Totems Awakening - Help the ancient people wake the sleeping totems. Each level has a different obstacle to figure out.  

4 Elements 2 - It's elemental  

Huje Way - Huje Way is a delicious physics-based puzzler. Lead a group of red blobs into the hungry mouth of Mr. Huje (it's OK, they want to be eaten!) (not rated)

Zombie Quiz - Who has more brains: you, or a bunch of mindless zombies. Let's hope it's you!  

Heroes of Hellas 3 - Epic match-3 action!  

Rainbow Web 3 - Untangle the web  

Epic Rail - Safely guide the trains in each level to their correct destinations.  

Extraction Reaction - Extract!  

Bomb Chain - Make the entire board explode.  

Foto Foul 2008 - Photo Foul 2008, a fun soccer photo hunt game dedicated to the EURO 2008  

Untangle - Click and drag the nodes to untangle the messy wire.  

Easy Cruise - Docking a boat is hard!  

Lt. Fly Vs. The Spiders - Stand up to those evil spiders!  

Soul Search - Find your way to save your soul.  

Pirate Chains - Can you make some booty?  

Descent - Control your falling ball on each level to get to the flag. Its needs some thought, but the music is good at getting you into the zone..  

Dance Match - Match the colors and dance dance dance!  

Lohan Bad Habit - Lindsay needs your help! Help her break all of her habits. Move by pressing the arrow keys and make it to the exit before her bad habits catch up with her.  

Starshine - How do you shine?  

Remaze - Can you find your way out?  

Ramps - Deliver the ball to the target.  

PuzzPinball - Use your mouse to drag and drop pinball items around the screen to complete the 26 levels.  

3D Logic 2: Stronghold of Sage - One of the greatest and most unique puzzle games ever. Fantastic graphics, new levels, new story and great music.  

Obnoxious 2 - Obnoxious is right!  

A Good Hunch - Time traveling goats? What isn't to love!  

Honey Trouble - Help a wily old bear get some honey.  

Rat Maze - Like a rat in a maze...so go the days of our lives.  

Jelly Blocks - A puzzler with a simple concept yet absorbing as the levels get more complex.  

Kid's Sudoku - A special sudoku version just for kids featuring a 4 x 4 board! Kids will be excited by the colorful and engaging tile sets!  

Ray Ray Parade - Cute brain strain game. Make the RayRays sit and stand together. How cute! How frustrating! :)  

Sweety Puzzle Demo - Sweety Puzzle is a cute and colorful 2D puzzle. Unique game play that is a mix between " Go " and " Color match "  

Shuck & Jive - The original 'shell' game. Can you beat the 'King' crab on his own turf?  

Crazy Maze - Guide the ball through the maze without touching the walls or obstacles.  

Warp Forest - Navigate your way through the warp forest in this unique puzzle game.  

Time Tumble - Challenge your mind and your reactions with Time Tumble, a fast and fun game for all ages. Line up the balls in rows or columns of three or more.  

Tetros 3D - Challenge yourself and play classic tetris in 3D!  

Everyone's Hero Mah Jongg - Check out this new cute and cool version of Mah Jongg that also helps support the Christopher Reeve Foundation!  

Tracer - Trace the paths with your mouse as fast as you can. There are 15 total levels to play through (if you can even get to all of them).  

Professor Fizzwizzle - Take control of the diminutive genius, Professor Fizzwizzle in this mind-altering puzzler.  

Crystalix - Place the shaped pieces into the magical puzzles above.  

Rainbow Web - Enter the spider web of match-3 puzzle game fun.  

Rings - Create sets of three rings in size order before time runs out.  

Peckish Penguin - Pauly the Penguin is starving. Bounce him around the ice to collect the fish.  

Demon - Get each color balls on the proper sides of the screen  

Sycolux - Cluster stones of the same color. Match three special stones to enable a laser gun.  

The Package - You have fifteen minutes to defuse a bomb. Better get started!  

WRAX - A fast paced puzzle game reminicent of Klax.  

X-Light - Just in time for Halloween, can you see in the dark!?  

Evan Almighty Animal Sudoku - Try this version of Sudoku by following the way of the footprints. Your score gets lower as time runs out, so think fast!  

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