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Puzzle Games Free Online Page 7
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Enjoy these great free puzzle games.
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Factory Balls 3 - The factory is officially opened!  

The Enchanted Kingdom - Long live the queen! (not rated)

Find The Easter Eggs - There are 10 eggs hidden in the room. Beware cause there are also some places where you get negative points.  

Tangram - Create shapes with puzzle pieces. (not rated)

Jungel Tower - Build the highest tower! Any part of the tower cant fall down. (not rated)

Furry Tale - Furry Tale is an eye candy difference finding game in which you have to find the differences between the two pictures fast and accurate. (not rated)

Puzzlenauts - Explore the world of Puzzlenauts.  

Take It Down - Demolish buildings in a physics based world, sounds easy doesn't it? Not when you must use careful planning to demolish exact objects.  

Enough Plumbers - Enough Plumbers is a puzzle platformer about clones cloning clones that's totally a reference to Mario Bros. (not rated)

Oriental Dreams - Find the runes  

Secret Exit - Can you find the exit in each level? Read the clues in each level for help on how to finish that level.  

Strimko - It's like Sudoku (not rated)

Blind - You've got nothing but your wits to guide you.  

Icecube Bear - Help the bear get to the water in the phuzzler!  

Squarebreaker - New addicting puzzle game.  

Paperclips Physics - Maneuver your paper clip ball in this intense game that takes skill, timing, and accuracy to beat all 20 levels. (not rated)

Jungle Tower 2 - Stack 'em up in this fun box 2D physics game, with nice cartoon graphics and jungle atmosphere!  

The Tin Soldier - Creepy new puzzle game.  

Dr. Despicable's Dastardly Deeds - Doh! (not rated)

World Mosaics 3 - Fairy tale puzzler  

Aquarium Life - Can you find the differences in the aquariums?  

Crazy Craft - Harness the physics of engineering to conquer course after treacherous course.  

Dummy Never Fails - Shoot the dummy at the target.  

Blockage - Roll the blocks around in this tricky, yet addictive game! (not rated)

Racing Cartoon Differences - Find the differences in these racing pics.  

Physics Cup - Get the ball in the goal in this soccer physics puzzle game.  

Build The Bridge - Build a bridge over a ravine so that the train can cross!    

Gravity Stacker - Stacking up objects in a physical world, sounds familiar? Enjoy 50 addictive levels filled with different types of shapes.  

Paradise Quest Online - Match puzzle pieces to restore areas of the island.  

Treasure Farm - Dig for treasure on this farm. (not rated)

Gorball - Control the ball through 20 challenging levels. Complete it quicker to earn valuable points, are you skilled enough?  

Museum Of Thieves - Beautiful spot the difference game!  

Jem Match - Bored? Match diamonds! As always, 3 is the number to reach. How many points will you score?  

Age Of Japan - Age of Japan is an incredible puzzle entertainment, which shines with unique graphics. (not rated)

Girly Coloring - Today you are going to color with the girls, we have give you some great pictures to color in. Can you do this for a very special reward? (not rated)

Heroes of Kalevala - Lead your tribe to victory! (not rated)

Puzzle Quest 2 - Escape to fantasy  

Where's My Pumpkin - Can you match up the missing pumpkins?  

Knights - Match 3 or more objects to earn points and amazing awards. Will you become a prestigious knight?  

Haunted House Hidden Objects - Welcome to the haunted house of the woods. This place has some very scary animals and creatures that need to be found.  

Digital Upgrade - An original match game with a twist. Build up your own crazy virus, out of random computer parts!  

Jewel Quest 5 - The Sleepless Star    

Forgotten Places Lost Circus - A great mystery (not rated)

House MD - Is there a doctor in the house?  

Lofty Tower - Build the tower as high as possible before it topples over.  

3D Tetris - Get ready for a full 3D Tetris experience. Can you match all bricks before they fill the screen?  

Unstoppable - There is an unstoppable train on the loose and you need to lay down railroad tracks to avoid a catastrophe!  

A Magnetic Adventure - Opposites attract  

Blobs Hunter - Drive all blobs to the bucket avoiding obstacles. 20 levels of fun physics puzzles and action, colorful graphics, cool sounds and addictive gameplay. (not rated)

Cargo Master - Master the skills of cargo delivery in this very tricky skill game! Add this hugely popular game to your site!  

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