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Puzzle Games Free Online Page 5
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Enjoy these great free puzzle games.
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Space Balls - Navigate through a nearly endless maze.  

Rollercoaster Creator - Create a rollercoaster!    

Bubble Elements Earth - A bust-a-move clone.  

Moon's Adventure - Ever wondered what the moon does in his free-time?  

Bullet Maze - A unique combination of Ikaruga and Mouse Maze.  

Cradle of Egypt - Pyramids galore  

Enchanted Cavern 2 - Puzzle paradise (not rated)

Robins Island Adventure - Escape the island  

Snow Tree - It's snowing presents! (not rated)

Coffee Rush 3 - Wake up & sell the coffee (not rated)

Enchanted Cavern - Stunning match-3 journey  

Verge - Enter the world where death is not the end in this puzzle platformer game. (not rated)

Jewel Quest 6 - Sapphire Dragon  

World Mosaics 5 - Time travel puzzler  

Clockwork - Use the speed and pathway of each piece to help unlock the puzzle.  

Lonely Penguin - Do not touch pink penguin until you have touched white block to cool down.  

Brainville - Live the smart life (not rated)

Do You Know Flash Games - Test your knowledge of Flash games in this quiz.  

Amigo Pancho 2 - New York Party. Help Amigo Pancho get to the top. (not rated)

Dungeon Breaker - You are on a mission to collect all the keys and coins to escape the dungeon. Do you have what it takes to use your mind on this quest and escape?  

Big Kahuna Reef 3 - Hawaiian vacation (not rated)

Caterpillar - Fast paced popping  

Fairy Island - Escape to the island  

Tiny Fish Factory - Match 3 colored fish. (not rated)

Demolition Master 3D - Explosions galore (not rated)

The Lost Inca Prophecy - A new world (not rated)

Portal Quest - A deliciously pixeled game like Portal, in flash! (not rated)

Lost Kingdom Prophecy - Save the kingdom (not rated)

Fortune Tiles - Enlightened matching  

Domi Hammi - Hammi is trapped in Domino Land and needs your help to escape!  

Sticky Linky - Globs of fun (not rated)

Super Stamp - Collect the whole set (not rated)

Portals - It is your solemn duty to phuzzle your way through this game and help the like-colored monsters to get together in holy monstromony. (not rated)

Moto X Madness 3 - More moto x madness racing action!  

Magic Blaster - Use Magic to blast away the enemies on each level.  

The Microbie Story - Build immunity  

World Mosaics 6 - Catch a thief (not rated)

Fishdom 3 - 3D fish  

Jewels of the East India Company - Puzzle jewels (not rated)

7 Gates - Path to Zamolxes (not rated)

Dinosaur Memory - Match the dinosaurs. (not rated)

Galactic Express - It's out of this world (not rated)

Pentomino Puzzle - Pentominoes are objects made up of 5 equal size squares joined together along their sides.  

Rocket Launchers - These little sheep are frozen, good thing you have rockets to warm them up with!  

Lost in Night - Awesomer match-3 (not rated)

Path of Hercules - Become a hero  

Rolling Idols - Matching Mayans (not rated)

Team Of Robbers - Complete the levels using your team to steal all the valuables.  

Mahjong Secrets - Royal intrigue (not rated)

Lost Head - Heads will roll!  

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