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Puzzle Games Free Online Page 4
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Enjoy these great free puzzle games.
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Office Kissing - Try kissing as much as possible while the boss is busy on the phone! (not rated)  

Figure Skating - Can you score a perfect 10? (not rated)  

Starlight 2 - Turn your imagination on and find out what pictures are hidden between the stars! (not rated)  

This is the Only Level Too - Solve a different puzzle on the same level! (not rated)  

Muffin Match - Match muffins of at least 3 of a kind!    

Kiss the Bride - Help the loving couple kiss at the alter without getting caught!    

Doodle God 2 - Unleash your inner god with Doodle God 2! (not rated)  

One Step Back - Explore the mind of a man stuck with his memories- only by forgetting the past can he advance! (not rated)  

Genius House Escape - Use your ability, think outside the box, combine the objects, and solve the puzzles! (not rated)  

MarshMallow Picnic - Help these marshmallow friends!    

Gon and Mon - Help this monkey duo!    

Cover Color Game - Match the shapes! (not rated)  

Peppy's Fruit Shop - Match the fruits! (not rated)  

Demolition Mission - You are on a mission to demolish all in sight! (not rated)  

Go Go Egg - Carefully guide the egg into the nest! (not rated)  

Dumb Ways to Die - Prevent the Happy Tree Friends from dying!    

Fix Mini - Fix Mini and make her a star again! (not rated)  

Hidden Stars - Nighty Beauty - Find the hidden stars in the night sky! (not rated)  

So Sakura: Dark Princess - Make up the dark princess! (not rated)  

Call of the Ages - Save the world! (not rated)  

World Mosaics 7 - Mysterious puzzler (not rated)  

Telepoultry - Guide Bawk Bawk the chicken to his destiny to become the farmer's meal! (not rated)  

Moon's Adventure - Ever wondered what the moon does in his free-time?  

Bullet Maze - A unique combination of Ikaruga and Mouse Maze.  

Cradle of Egypt - Pyramids galore  

Enchanted Cavern 2 - Puzzle paradise (not rated)

Robins Island Adventure - Escape the island  

Dr. A. Tom - Click one atom to split it up and cause a chain reaction.  

Maze Stopper - How long can you stop the man from reaching his goal?  

Hungry Octopus - Eat as many seafood as you can.  

AddUp - Add the bubbles to 10 to gain points, but don't let them get to the bottom!  

Bellboy Hotel Manager - Manage your own hotel.  

Zoo Break Out - Find the hidden objects!  

Totem Destroyer - Can you get the totem to ground level?  

Replica - An addictive puzzle game, where you must copy and transform the given patterns.  

Flux - Combine the particles as quickly and accurately as you can.  

Mahjong Burger - Yum! Tastes like Mahjong!  

Quads - With blocks falling down from the sky and threating yopur planet, your trusty spaceship must match those blocks and complete perfect rectangles.  

Ice Cube - Navigate your way through tons of puzzles.  

Gangster Wars - Gangster Wars is an gangster themed puzzle game which mixes the classic Bejeweled gameplay with RPG-elements.  

Space Balls - Navigate through a nearly endless maze.  

Rollercoaster Creator - Create a rollercoaster!    

Bubble Elements Earth - A bust-a-move clone.  

Driving School GT - Complete a series of easy and challenging driving tests... Complete all levels to pass your GT driving school lesson!  

Turnz - Help the purple guy reach the finish by rotating the playing field.  

Rocket Launch - Guide your rocket to the portal in this space physics puzzle game.  

Diamond Valley - Match the jewels in this new puzzle game.  

Big Brain Wolf - Click on puzzle items to interact with them  

Karian X - A cool retro tetris-like game with a fighting twist!  

Cube Numbers - Fun numerical puzzle game.  

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