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Puzzle Games Free Online Page 4
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Enjoy these great free puzzle games.
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Expand It - Expand the blocks to reach great heights.  

Vesuvia - Escape this island! (not rated)

Pigs Can Fly - Make pigs fly in this puzzle physics game.  

Legend of Fae - Discover the Faery Gates (not rated)

Spring Bonus - Easter's on it's way!  

Ballville the Beginning - Match-3 excitement (not rated)

Brains Will Roll - Zombie puzzle physics challenge.  

Inflate Us - Inflate people-blocks and help them to remove evil spells! Inhabitants of the world have been enchanted by the Evil Magician!  

Aquitania - Match-3 wonderland! (not rated)

Chainz Galaxy - Unchained excitement! (not rated)

Kamikaze Blocks 2 - Cool new puzzle game with advanced physics including antigravity! (not rated)

Treasures of Montezuma 3 - Match this!  

Akhra The Treasures - Match-3 bonanza  

Steampunk - Your objective is to place the good heroes to the saving surface, and to throw out of the screen the villains. (not rated)

Crop Busters - Start planting!  

Way Of An Idea 2 - Help Newton discover gravity in this physics-based puzzler. Includes a level editor so you can design your own levels!  

Get The Stars - Catch every star in this physics-based puzzler that's fun for the whole family!  

Puzzbots - Try to help Mr Bot get to the exit by lighting up all the floor platform thingies! We don't want him to fall to his death, do we? (not rated)

10 Talismans - Mystical match-3 (not rated)

Rubble Trouble Tokyo - Rubble Trouble Tokyo puts you back behind the wrecking ball with the only crew no insurance will touch.  

We are the Robots 2 - Prove how strong your nerves are and guide the colored robots to their matching mates.  

Linx - Try to connect the same colored blocks using your mouse. (not rated)

Homesteader - Get down on the farm (not rated)

Pantheon - Divine match-3 (not rated)

Moonlight Difference - Follow a lone soldier as he discovers a secret in a moonlit forest.  

Element Quest - Match the elements coming from 12 directions in this frantic match 3 game. Do not let them reach the core!  

Magical Mysteries - Path of the Sorceress (not rated)

Totems Awakening - Help the ancient people wake the sleeping totems. Each level has a different obstacle to figure out.  

4 Elements 2 - It's elemental  

Huje Way - Huje Way is a delicious physics-based puzzler. Lead a group of red blobs into the hungry mouth of Mr. Huje (it's OK, they want to be eaten!) (not rated)

Zombie Quiz - Who has more brains: you, or a bunch of mindless zombies. Let's hope it's you!  

Heroes of Hellas 3 - Epic match-3 action!  

Rainbow Web 3 - Untangle the web  

Epic Rail - Safely guide the trains in each level to their correct destinations.  

Tropical Fish Shop 2 - Get exotic (not rated)

Fusion Rocket - Fusion Rocket is a completely original puzzle game, with a simple pick up and play type gameplay. (not rated)

Evoly - Evolve some fun (not rated)

Treasure Island - Yo ho ho!  

Holy Ankh - Match the ankhs in this Egyptian themed collapse game!  

Treasures of Montezuma 2 in 1 Bundle - 2 for 1  

Pack It - Pack the balls in this physics game full of awesome mind cracking levels. Are you ready to face this challenge.  

Gold Fever - Solid gold matching  

Five Minute Finder - This is a simple hidden objects game for fans of this game genre!  

Sudoku Latin Squares - Red hot sudoku (not rated)

Furrble Inc. - The furrbles love finding new friends! It's your job to match them with one another so that they can parrrrtttyy! (not rated)

Wonderlines - Draw the line (not rated)

Treasure Island 2 - Shiver me timbers  

Zombies Shooter - Shoot all the zombies with your deadly ricocheting bullets! (not rated)

Shapefold - Fold connected structures into simple shapes in this physics puzzle game!  

Moon's Adventure - Ever wondered what the moon does in his free-time?  

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