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Puzzle Games Free Online
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Enjoy these great free puzzle games.
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Tiles Of The Unexpected - Match up the tiles creating combos to gain bombs you can use at the end of the level. Very addictive.  

Fitz! - The piping-hot game Fitz! is a new generation of match-three puzzles! Only 30 seconds to learn and at least 30 hours to play!  

Jewel Quest - If you liked Bejeweled or Diamond Mine, you'll love Jewel Quest. Match precious items to clear each level. Requires some strategy!  

Puzzle Inlay - Complete a beautiful picture by inlaying precious gems to complete a picture. Puzzle tangrams!  

Little Farm - At Little Farm, youíll use your puzzle-solving and matching skills to help The Normans adjust to farm life and grow truck-loads of vegetables!  

Noah's Ark - Rescue all the animals from the flood by matching pairs. Hurry, the water is rising fast!  

Collapse! - The classic puzzle game, click on colored blocks to pop them and clear the board.  

Mummy Maze - Turn-based game, get to the exit before the mummy gets you.  

Digby's Donuts - Catch falling donuts and sort them by color.  

TipTop - Match-three game with a cool lounge look.  

Candy Cruncher - Move rows of candy to get 6 in a row and clear them.  

Jewel Miner - Jewel Miner is the next level of matching games...and then the NEXT LEVEL AFTER THAT! All your favorite characters from Gold Miner: Vegas are back.  

Spongebob Collapse - Spongebob version of the popular Collapse! game.  

Grow - Trippy game, make your Thing grow by adding strange items. Can you get all of them to maximum capacity?  

Aqua Blocks light - The easier version of Aqua Blocks. You can have a maximum of four blocks left to reach the next level.  

Mahjong Medley - Mahjong tile game, clear all the tiles by clicking on like pairs.  

Glinx - Match up like items by linking as many as possible together at once.  

Bounce Out Blitz - Arrange colored balls and bounce them out.  

Wiki Wiki Tiki - Find groups of identical icons and clear them before time runs out.  

5 Spots - Can you spot the differences between these two images?  

Atlantis Adventure - Pop bubbles by matching colors underwater.  

Rocket Mania - Rotate tiles to form complete paths from lit match to rocket, then watch the fireworks begin!  

Bounce Out - Clear all the super bouncey balls before the dynamite blows! A Match-three game played on the diagonal.  

Drop Heads - Match 4 or more Drop Heads of the same color as they fall from the sky. Starts out easy, gets difficult quickly!  

WordFall - Letters fall from the top of the screen and you must click them into words before they hit the bottom. Very addicting.  

Runes - Click matching sets of runes to clear the board. Features interesting powerups too.  

Power Balls - Match 5 in a row to clear them, a fun variation of a popular puzzle game.  

Big Tut - Make your way through Big Tutís Tomb by matching ancient symbols and uncovering treasure. Watch out for Big Tut - he wants his treasure back!  

Fireworks Extravaganza - Stunning firework graphics and explosive sound effects. This game will turn your life into one tremendous firework show.  

Amazing Acrobats - Shoot amazing acrobats out of a cannon to perform crazy puzzle antics under the big top!  

Quick Brick - Game like Collapse with lots of cool powerups.  

Nisqually - Slide tiles around to clear the board.  

Bejeweled - The classic match-3 game, swap precious jewels to clear the board.  

Hare and hounds - A 19th-century board game invented in France, also called The Military Game.  

Ball Balanacer - 50 increasingly difficult levels where you have to balance the ball around the keyboard to reach the goals.  

Gold Bunny Hunt - Search several U.S. cities to find the Gold Bunny and unlock trivia questions about chocolate and the cities you visit.  

Around The World in 80 Days - A great puzzle game!  

Azkend - In Azkend your mission is to reach the Temple of Time and return the Relic to lift the curse.  

Azada - Trapped in a haunted room by his great-uncle, the adventurous Titus has asked you to help release him from the magical spell.  

Clouds - Can you spot the differences?  

Snow Tree - It's snowing presents! (not rated)

AntiTetris - This game is an interesting twist to the traditional Tetris game.  

Parking Game - Park your car/caravan in the spot provided within the time limit.  

Crash Down - A puzzle game with similarities to Tetris, but with a very unique twist.  

Gimme5 Again - Compare two images and find 5 differences before the time runs out. Very challenging!  

Escape Library - Find a way to escape the library by using items you find around the room.  

Ningpo Mahjong - Mahjong tile game, clear all the tiles correctly.  

Festive Fallout - Click two or more similar boxes to clear them. Fun holiday theme.  

Sonic Blocks - Sonic the Hedgehog themed Tetris game, including bonus mini-games when you get a good combo.  

Pengapop - Blast through colorful "Ball Walls" to get to the penguin snacks. Pengapop is truely a christmas match 3 treat!  

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