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Multiplayer Games Free Online
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Enjoy these great free multiplayer games.
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BMTron - Multi-player tron game for 2, 3 or 4 players. Avoid running into the wall or opponent's tail! The applet supports skins.  

Club Marian - Socialize it up!    

Stick Arena - The ultimate stick fighting game of all time. Stick Arena lets you fight stick-to-stick with other human players around the world in real time!    

Jelly Battle - Real time multiplayer strategy/battle game where you play in four-way games. Kill them before they kill you!  

Sanctioned Renegades - Next-gen browser-based multiplayer FPS game  

Herotopia - Be a superhero in this fantastic free MMO for kids. Choose your avatar, decorate your secret base, play mini-games and much more!  

Moon Base - Dance on the moon, jetpack in space, or ride in moon buggies while making friends.  

Dragon Fable - Build a character and explore our ever expanding world in this MMO!  

Legend of Zorro - Play as one of the characters from the new Zorro movie in this multiplayer fighting game.  

Underworld - Vampires vs werewolves  

Sissyfight 2000 - Tease, taunt, and tattle on the other girls in your school to rise to the top of your chick clique. A fun social game, and you can make your own girl.  

Free Kick Fusion - Multiplayer Free Kick Shootout game - play against the computer to build your skills and then take on real people from all over the world  

SocioTown - An online social game, like Habbo Hotel but with better graphics.  

Herotopia Online - Be a superhero in this fantastic free MMO for kids. Choose your avatar, decorate your secret base, play mini-games and much more!  

Platform Racing - Race like its a platformer!  

Scratch Pad - Draw with people you don't know. Or scribble on their drawings.  

Tactics 100 Live - Multiplayer tactical combat game.  

Dreamfields - Magical dream farm (not rated)  

Dragons of Atlantis - Welcome to the lost world of Atlantis where you will battle as one of four tribes vying for control of a doomed continent. It's easy to login with Facebook!  

Snackwells Backgammon - Classic head-to-head Backgammon game, brought to you by Snackwells.  

Samurai of Legend - Can you become a legendary samurai?  

Multiplayer Checkers - Online head-to-head checkers with a real opponent. You have to sign up to play.  

Demon Tournament - You are InuYasha fighting in the Demon Tournament for control of the Shikon Jewel.  

Platform Racing 2 - Platform racing is back, so the time has come once again to take on the opposition in a mad dash for the finish line.  

Zwok - Awesome multiplayer real-time artillery game.  

Battleships - Massively multiplayer real-time battleships game.  

Last One Standing - Fast paced trivia game show. Put your knowledge to the test, and see who's the last one standing!  

Multiplayer Superyatzy - is the game of great shakes and risky rolls now in online multiplayer version! Put your luck, skill, and strategy to the test.  

Graph Game - Two-player game. The first player selects edges of graph trying to connect two highlighted nodes while the second player removes unselected edges.  

Last 1 Standing - Multiplayer online trivia game fun!  

Quarkz - Two subatomic particles battle it out in this multiplayer strategy game.  

Scorched - Classic artillery game, two players can play at one computer.  

Super Spoof - Super spoof is a cross between Poker and the English pub game involving coins called Spoof.  

Turnaus - Two player only fighting game. Easy controls make for a good little office distration.  

Blob Wars - Try to conquer the board with your red or blue boards. Two people can play against each other on the same computer, or play against the computer.  

Crosswise - Multiplayer Scrabble action on a bigger board! Form the highest scoring words from a set of seven letters.  

Spellbound - Form as many valid words as possible during the specified amount of time. Head-to-head with up to four other players at once!  

Combat Grounds - Combat Grounds is a web based MMO where you fight against other players for real money.  

Artillery Live - Multiplayer online team 2v2 artillery battle.  

Not Another Space Game - Multiplayer space conquest game.  

The Mobster - Can you become king mobster?  

Dinglepop - Play with up to 7 friends in this multiplayer bubble shooting game. Don't let your screen fill up, or it's game over. Stay alive the longest to win.  

Mafia 5 - A multiplayer FPS  

Gaia Online - Join the fastest growing online hangout. Fish, play games, and create a house!  

Digitz - Know math? Good!  

Desert Racer - Race through the desert against hundreds of other players.  

Starforce Delta - Welcome to War! (not rated)

Discarded Online - Battle tons of monsters in an online beat-em-up.  

Hamster Battle - Shoot your way to victory in the cutest multiplayer action game ever!  

Gemmers - A classic multiplayer match 3 deathmatch!  

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