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Hidden Object Games Free Online Page 4
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Enjoy these great free hidden object games.
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Real Crimes: The Unicorn Killer - Catch him!  

Mystery P.I. Los Angeles - Find the Blockbuster!  

Mystery of the Mary Celeste - Mystery at sea  

GHOST Chronicles - Give up the ghosts  

City Sights: Hello, Seattle! - Discover the city (not rated)

Magicians Handbook 2 - BlackLore awaits (not rated)

WMC: Twice in a Blue Moon - Decipher the clues (not rated)

Midnight Mysteries - Who killed Edgar Allan Poe?  

Princess Isabella - Save the prince  

Hostile Makeover - If looks could kill.... (not rated)

Dead Man's Folly - Solve the perfect crime  

Elementals: The Magic Key - Find it!  

Mystery of Cleopatra - Solve the murder  

Save Our Spirit - Star-crossed love (not rated)

The Jolly Gang - Investigate eerie high jinks! (not rated)

The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes - Find the clues  

Department 42 - Protect the world from black magic! (not rated)

LUXOR Adventures - The stairway to heaven  

Wisegal - She's a Mafia mom  

MoM: Blood of Betrayal - Betrayal means death (not rated)

Find Your Own Way Home - REO Speedwagon!  

Paranormal Agency - Who you gonna call?  

Amazing Adventures 3 - Find secret treasure  

Superior Save - Save your boss  

Escape the Museum 2 - Can you escape again?  

Murder, She Wrote - She wrote the book  

Ghost Fleet - Explore the ocean depths  

Alexandra Fortune - The Lunar Archipelago (not rated)

Natalie Brooks 3 - Mystery at Hillcrest High (not rated)

Marooned - Escape the island (not rated)

The Fixer Upper - Make it a home (not rated)

The Clumsys 2 - Butterfly Effect (not rated)

The Otherside - Realm of Eons  

Born into Darkness - Twilight adventure  

Shutter Island - Murder on the island  

Sprill and Ritchie - Adventures in Time  

The Moonstone - Catch the thief  

Mirror Mysteries - Mirror, mirror  

Vision in White - Capture the Romance! (not rated)

The Inquisitor - A secret world (not rated)

Legends of the Wild West - So romantic!  

Memory Clinic - Hidden object RX (not rated)

Fashion Finder - Secrets of fashion (not rated)

Broken Hearts - A Soldier's Duty (not rated)

Empress of the Deep - The Darkest Secret  

Amazing Heists: Dillinger - Public enemy #1 (not rated)

Keys to Manhattan - The city is yours! (not rated)

Settlement Colossus - Build an empire! (not rated)

Mortimer Beckett and the Lost King - Where is he?    

Mind's Eye - Secrets of the Forgotten (not rated)

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We have 342 total hidden object games to choose from.

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