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Fighting Games Free Online Page 3
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Enjoy these great free fighting games.
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Zombie Fight Club - Battle it out with other zombies and try to win the zombie fight club championship.  

Flash Halo CTF - Play Halo Capture-the-Flag in 2D and in Flash!  

Dynasty Street - Stick fans rejoice as you battle your way through numerous enemies with a variety of lethal weapons.  

Sabermania - Ever want to wield a lightsaber? Well, now's your chance! Train hard and then take on a variety of foes to become number the one sabermaniac.  

Ovacata Ninja Reincarnation - Ovcata Ninja Reincarnation - test your dexterity and quick reactions.  

Outback Rumble - You are Outback Jack, the boxing kangaroo, punching and kicking your way to the top of the heap against colorful cartoon characters.  

Super Boxer - It's Al Rocker v. Star Jones super boxing!  

Fierce Fighter - This is a side scrolling beat-em-up game where you play as Bruce Lee and make your way through enemy territory confronting numerous Samurai warriors along the way.  

Ninjaman - What do Ninjas do? They fight, of course!  

Dragon Ball Z - Fight and defeat your opponent in the Dragon Ball Z web game.    

Sketchbook Samurai - Whackheads unite to help Hitomi fight her enemy - the evil Institution and join the Hall of Justice  

Pit Fight - Help Danny emerge victorious from the pit fight, but he has vowed not to kill his opponent - so pull your punches!  

Ant Arena - Attack the other ants from behind!  

End of Nightmares - Put an end to your nightmares forever as you fight your way through dreamland.  

Devilkid - Travel through heaven and hell in this side scrolling adventure!  

Rage - This stickman is full of rage and ready to kick some butt.  

Moral Kombat Slap Fight - MORAL COMBAT  

Bikini Bottom Bustup - A punch out like style game with spongebob!  

Achilles - Hack and slash your way through 15 stages of ancient Greek warriors.  

Celebrity Girl Fight - A cutie KO.  

Metal Arm Fawege - Control a giant 3d robot fighting machine in Metal Arm Fawege. Use the mouse to throw punches. Move the mouse upwards to block!  

Political Duel - Pick from saddam, george bush or Kim Lyam to fight a death match!  

The Arena - This is a one on one fighting game. Attack your enemy when you see his weapon back.  

Mod Fighters - Show up, show off, and blast the competition.  

Dragon Fist 3 - Awesome 2D fighter with a huge range of fighters, combos, special moves and more!  

Graveyard of Drunken Souls - Battle hordes of undead meanies. Collect powerups to make them really dead!  

Magwarriors - Enter the portals, destroy asteroids, gain incredible powers and be the greatest Mag-Warrior there ever was!  

Bot Arena 2 - Build your team of bots and compete in competitions.  

Matrix Rampage - Survive a mob of Agents.    

Hollywood Bash - Lindsay and Paris are at it again!  

Ninja Showdown - Beat your opponent in 3 rounds of fighting.  

Crank Deathmatch - Special Ed and Elmer of Crank Yankers take on Nick Diamond and Johnny Gomez of Celebrity Deathmatch.  

Bot Arena 3 - Build a team of bots by following the instructions in the game. Now with more weapons and enhanced game play.  

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We have 133 total fighting games to choose from.

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