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Enjoy these great free fighting games.
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Street Fighter Flash - Great Flash Clone of the classic Street Fighter II game, worth a look!  

Kung Fu Fighting - A great old-school side-perspective fighter. If you spent more money than you like to admit on Street Fighter II, give this one a spin!  

Jackie Chan fighting - Jackie Chan fighting game : Kung fu game  

Alloy - Great sidescroller, you play a kid in a power suit with awesome weaponry. Great graphics and gameplay.  

Xiao Xiao 9 - The ultimate stick figure fighting game.  

Rage of Magic II - An epic fantasy fighting adventure featuring devastating combos, huge super attacks and exciting new power-ups!  

Gun Slinger - Match your gun against the fastest gunslingers in the west!  

Tempur - Martial arts fighting game with customizable controls and bullet-time slow motion effects.  

School of Sword - As the top graduate of the School of Sword, you must defend against an unseen evil that threatens your school and your friends.  

Capoeira Fighter 3 - Travel around the world to prove your martial art fighting skills.  

Battle Storm - Awesome robot fighting game. The goal is to destroy the other robot, of course.  

Nightmare Creature Hunter - It's you alone in a cemetery with just a pistol to protect you against the nightmare creatures.  

Kung Fu Fighter - Pixel graphics fighting game with special moves and new opponents to unlock.  

Ant Kendo - Help your stick-wielding Kendo ant knock the other ant over.  

Autofrag SUMO - Intense 3D driving combat action game featuring vicious AI and Havok physics!  

Majinwar - Evil's Secret - Side-scrolling fighting game similar to Final Fight or Golden Axe. Great anime graphics and sound effects.  

Puppy Invaders - The Earth is under attack from evil aliens from planet Puppy! Only you can save us all using your rented space ship.  

Bighouse Beatdown - Several inmates want pieces of you, and even the guards have got it in for you! You better hurry up and punch, kick, and fight your way to victory.  

King of Fighters - Months have passed since the battle with Orochi, a fearsome power of Gaia. Once more, invitations to the legendary King of Fighters tournament.  

Puppet Melee - Control the puppet to fight fierce enemies.  

Side Ring - The objective of the game is to knock out all opponents and get the championship belt.  

12 Fighters 2 - Street fighter type fighting game  

Courier Combat - The progress city has been snatched, you have to get it back, otherwise it will be lighted out forever in the city.  

Dragon Fist 2 - The dragon master is back, this time he has brought a powerful weapon with him know as The Dragon Blade.  

School of Sword 2 - In this exciting sequel, School of Sword 2 takes you back into the heart of the action. Uncover once and for all your secret enemy, and defeat him!  

Roboxer 2 - Fight off all the big robots with your tough little Roboxer.  

Bushido Fighters - Choose from several different characters to fight it out old-school style!  

Way of the Exploding Stick - Fight off the other stickmen to gain points.  

Jingle Ballistics - Battle against the computer or crush your friends in this excellent christmas fighting game. Beat up Santa with one of his own Elves!  

Top Dog - Chalk up some kills in this classic biplane dogfight simulator, but watch your tail!  

Frusion Breakfast Brawl - Beat up a variety of breakfast cereals. Nice retro graphics.  

X-Wing Tournament - It's your X-Wing Fighter against the computer's in this space shoot-em-up simulator.  

Armed With Wings - A Japanese style samurai fighting game.  

Final Knockout - Great fighting game. You can play against the computer or grab a friend and play on the same keyboard. Fight your opponent until the end! Don't get be  

Circle of Pain - Destroy your opponents in the circle of pain.  

Arcane the Armor Collector - Collect armor as you battle your way to graduation.  

Yan Loong Legend - Yan Loong should use his sword and dragon fire spell to beat all enimies who blocking his way and find out the reason why wars happened in the world.  

Young Lee - Kick some ninja butt, but take time off to bust out some dance moves!  

The Savior - Beat the final boss without having to play through the whole game first.  

Dragon Tower - One magic warrior must fight the demons to unlock the treasure of Hope.  

Altair - Sneaky past these guards with the stealth of a snake.  

Beach Cat Fight - In Beach Cat Fight, you get to show off your gladiator skills with the big foam stick and with cute girls in bikinis.  

Rihanna's Revenge - Beat up Chris Brown. True love.  

The Legend Of The Dragon Fist - Defeat your opponent using martial arts.  

Wolverine Punch Out - Knock out Wolverine with an uppercut!  

Karate Blazers - It's a beat 'em up in the style of Streets Of Rage, Final Fight, and Double Dragon.  

Batman Double Team - Play as the super hero Batman! perform amazing moves and tricks to beat up all the enemies in this action adventure.  

Fury Officer - Take out the employees on your bad day at work!  

Yan Loong Legend 2 - The 2nd Game of Yan Loong Legend series, the story of the game is continued from last game.  

Hobo Brawl - A fun hilarious Beat Em' Up game, Take control of the angry Hobo as you learn fighting combos and beating everyone up!  

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