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Enjoy these great free dress up games.
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Fashion Dress Up - Click and drag the items to dress up this cutie.  

Dress Up Angelina Jolie - Angelina Jolie Dress Up is totally addicting dress-up game fun. Makeover Angelina Jolie.  

Fashion Dresses - nice dress up girl game :)  

Fancy Dresses - Fantasy dress up like never before.  

Pimp My Sleigh - Customize your sleigh and add it to the gallery then race your sleigh in a fast and furious downhill slalom.  

Winx Dress Up - Choose a girl and dress her up in clothes from her wardrobe  

Your Face - Draw your kooky counterpart.  

Santa Girl Dress Up - Happy Holidays!  

Everything for Halloween - Would you like to have a happy Halloween next time? Come here to get ready.  

Make Me Over - Do you have taste? Dress your models and see if your outfits pass the test. Try not to clash!  

Funky Dress Up - Dress up the funky boy at the beach on a sunny day!  

Stacy Dress Up - Stacy is heading out to party. Go through her closet and choose is she's going wear tonight.  

Fashion Show - Get ready for the fashion show with lots of great clothes and designer shoes to pick from.  

Cool Summer Style - Dress up both a boy and a girl for fun on the beach! Great color options in this game really allow you to customize your look!  

Dress Paris in Jail - Dress Paris for Success!  

Paris Goes to Prison - Help Paris accessorize in jail. She speaks, too!  

Create A Face - Create your very own face!  

Pony Dress Up Game - Dress up the pony and get the code to post it on your blog or profiles.  

Rock Dude Dress Up - Rock and Roll isn't pretty, unless you make it so. Dress your dude for superstar duty and share him with your peeps.  

Puppy Room - Make a puppy playroom.  

Angelina Jolie dress Up - Dress Angelina for a date.  

Princess Dress Up - Dress up the doll as a princess  

Britney Spears Dress Up - Dress up Britney for a night out on the town!  

Robot Factory - Create a unique cartoon robot using a variety of different parts and cool customization tools.  

Steve Jobs Dressup - Help Steve Jobs dress for his upcoming keynote address from his 'insanely great' wardrobe.  

Alien: Assembly Required - Create extraterrestrial monsters and aliens from the depths of your imagination.  

Build a Robot - Build your own robot with all sorts of wacky parts!  

Mario Dressup - Dress up Mario any way you like!  

Four Seasons Dress Up - Click the book on the floor to select outfits and dress (or undress!) the hot girl.  

Artificial Beauty - Beauty is created at your fingertips! Please read the introduction before you start.  

The Simpsons Maker - Create your own simpsons character, choose its hair color, body type, clothes and everything else then you can print it out.  

Magic Mare - Create your very own magic mare!  

Makeup Makeover - A full makeover in one game!  

Carmela Dress Up - Is Carmela is queen of fashion? You be the judge.  

Western Dress Up - Dress up your western beauty.  

Working Girl Dress Up - Dress up this professional beauty  

Cutie Makeover - Dress up this cutie pie for a special date.  

Vera Wang Dress Up - Dress Up In the Latest Vera Wang Fashions  

TudyDoll - Style any one of four TudyDolls and dress her up!  

Candy Bar Doll Maker 3 - The original Candybar doll maker that started the candybar craze.  

Ashley Tisdale - Dress up Ashley Tisdale  

Gabrianna Sparkle Fairy - Dress Gabrianna  

Mandy Anime Doll - Mandy Anime Doll  

BYOR - BYOR is Build Your Own Robot! You'll be amazed at the crazy contraptions you can build.  

Couple Dress Up - This couple is all set to have a cool time. Just select from a collection of cloth and accessories and get them ready for an outing.  

summer days - Great fashion game where Laia, the best fashion games’ main character, tries on brand new summer clothes.  

Halloween Girl Dress Up - Dress the girl in various costumes and accessories for Halloween.  

Dress Up Severina - Dress up beautiful Severina.  

Pet Shop Decor - Decorate your own pet shop.  

Dress Up Rush - Be a boutique owner and serve your customers as good as you can.  

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We have 382 total dress up games to choose from.

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