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Hamster Ball - Race your hamster to the goal before time runs out! These fiendish courses aren't easy, though. Play the time trial game, or join the Hamster Tournament!  

Sunday Lawn - Mowing the lawn has never been this much fun! Help Charlie mow the garden lawns as efficiently as possible, but watch out for dogs and hedgehogs!  

Diner Dash 2 - Help Flo out again with better-than-ever restaurant empire building fun.  

Super Mario Bros Flash - Explore different elements from different Mario games in this new flash game.    

Tumble Bugs - Help Tumble stop the evil Bug Empire.  

Burger Island - Build a burger cooking island empire!  

Duck Life - Be the best duck    

Belles Beauty Boutique - Help Belle run a Beauty Boutique.  

Finders Keepers - You find it, you keep it!  

Cosmic Bugs - Cosmic Bugs takes Qix-style game play to a whole new level. Featuring tons of great maps to fill in and enemies to conquer.  

Adventures Of James Bomb - Bomberman clone with Southpark-like characters, features single or two-player action.  

Fishy - Swim around eating smaller fish while avoiding bigger fish.  

Frank the Ant - Red ants rule!  

Beaterator - Mix your own beats in this awesome Flash beat mixer from Rockstar games.  

Astro Pop - Collect bricks then shoot them out to clear rows.  

James Bomb 2 - Help James Bomb destroy all the monsters in the labyrinth in this fun sequel. Be careful or you'll be hoist by your own petard!  

Amusix Flute - Make beautiful music  

Bird Bath - Watch out below!  

Zulu Gems - Addictive gameplay, A very special action puzzle game. You are defied to pick up Zulu Gems and not become hopelessly addicted.  

The Apprentice - Run a Dairy Queen as a candidate to the Donald Trumpís next Apprentice. Your task is to keep customers happy by filling their orders. Earn at least $50 to keep yourself from getting fired.  

Air Monkey - A one-button game, get the monkey home by swinging from vine to vine.  

Rockets Red Glare - Help Uncle Sam take his traveling Fourth of July fireworks show on the road!  

Alien Hatchery - Place the matching aliens together, how many aliens can you hatch?  

Roll On - Cool 3D marble maze game, with lots of various mazes and scenery to explore. Try to stay on the path!  

Water Bugs - Fill in your territory underwater while avoiding the Water Bugs!  

Spank the Frank - Wack penguin butts with a bat so that they land in hot air balloons as they float by.  

Harvey Wallbanger - As a disco ball your life is filled with challenges...  

Mr. Carrot Face - Shoot down presents with your carrot nose!  

Obama Race for the White House - Obama and Hilary are neck in neck in their quest to be the next President of the United States of America. Help them travel the country in a campaign.  

Burger Queen - You are going to play as a burger seller, your goal is to survive the day by selling burgers. If you run out of money, you'll lose...  

Alcazar - Control a stick man by making him jump from platform to platform as he walks from side to side. Make it through 10 floors to progress onto the next stage.  

Halloweeen - It's Halloween night and all the ghosts are out! Help Boo-boo collect a sugar-filled feast!  

Ashton's Family Resort - See the world in style  

Omnom Forest - Munch crunch!  

Star Catcher - Shoot the moon! (not rated)

Amusix Violin - Play like a Maestro  

Search and Destroy - Tanks for the memories  

Breakout Wars - Classic breakout.  

Clash N Slash Worlds Away - In Clash'N Slash Worlds Away you must defend your planet from uninvited pesky alien invaders arriving from all over the galaxy.  

Fall Down 2 - Fall down the endless chasm, avoid touching the top of the screen!  

Diner Dash Flo on the Go - Help Flo in Diner Dash 3!  

Better BBQ Challenge - Prepare as much food as you can for maximum points  

Sushi Samurai - Help the miniature samurai prepare all the sushi pieces without getting eaten himself!  

Shirk - Avoid the walls!  

Moolander - Ever wonder where all those cows go? The classic game of moon lander with a moo-riffic twist.  

Star Cruiser - Help guide your UFO through perilous and strange terrain. Like Lunar Lander, with a sense of humor.  

Little Rocketman - Help reunite Little Rocketman with his girlfriend by using his jetpack to zoom around the house.  

Blow Up! - Shoot the colored spheres and bounce them off the walls before they fall on you.  

Holiday Hijinks - Santa Claus is up on the roofs dropping toys to all the good little girls and boys.  

Scrape - Avoid touching walls and blocks with your mouse for as long as possible.  

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