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Enjoy these great free action games.
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Polar Jump - Leap from one ice float to another by controlling the jump angle and power of your squirrel.  

Tino's Fruit Stand - The family-owned Tino's Fruit Stand is in danger of closing, save it with the help of your fruit-picking monkey, Rikki.  

Metal Armor - Destroy the enemy base with your tank. Battle against an entire army and take out numerous enemy tanks, foot soldiers, air force helicopters and more.  

A Stitch In Time - Help this spy girl stop the museum robbers.  

Prison Escape - The object of the game is to choose your weapon and shoot the prisoners that runs, ducks or crawls before the time expires.  

Alloy Tease - Fight the street thugs and their animals for maximum points!  

Animal Hunter - Walk through the forest with your bow and arrow shoot rabbits ostrich and eagles flying by.  

Ninja Storm - Guide your ninja to find the keys to finish the mission.  

Bleach Training - This game will take you to the world of Bleach. We don't know what that means, but you get to fight lots of robots with swords so we like it.  

Art Thief - By day you are a corporate raider, by night you are the most feared art thief in the world. Steal works of art and sell them on the black market.  

Ninja Rinseout - Use your stealth abilities to slay ninjas.  

Pirates - Use ye weapons to defeat ye enemy! Arr! Great turn-based team game with up to 2 human players. Buy upgrades with gold and blast away Blackbeard.  

Cone Crazy 2 - Control your car and see how many cones can you knock down in a certain period of time.  

Symphony in Bee - Help BeeHoven to play the symphony by collecting all the music flowers.  

Halloween Adventure - Run, shoot, and blast your way through a creepy adventure.  

Bio Ball Boom - Dodge the bouncing balls while setting up your bio ball traps.  

Rodent Tree Jump - Compete in the Tree Jumping competition and earn eternal fame amongst your fellow rodents.  

Mascot Kombat - Mascots behaving badly, Mortal Kombat parody where Mascots beat each other until the final humiliation.  

Rescue Mission - Shoot the enemies with awesome weapons and free the kidnapped people!  

Uzi Snoozi - Zap snoozing commuters - the more you keep them awake, the more points you receive.  

Stickman Sam 2 - The stunning and spooky sequel to Stickman Sam!  

Jumping Bananas - Monkey is hungry! Jump and eat bannannas while avoiding the dangers on each level.  

Down To Escape - Escape the spikey wall of death by leaping from platform. Great fun!  

Spider - You are a mecha-spider equipped with awesome weaponry. Take out the other bugs before you get squished!    

Soul Mech - Walk the streets and fight off the baddies with your sword and special powers.  

Shadow Division - Combat an evil cartel on the streets of a violent city in this side scrolling shooter.  

Rage 2 - Feel the rage in this classic stick man beat-em-up!  

UFO Mania - Rescue all the humans in danger on planet Earth and move them to a more secure location.  

Pirates VS Ninjas - Play 60 levels, 30 as Pirates, and 30 as Ninjas, in this funny physics based bombing action puzzle game  

Orbis Impetus - Collect the round thingies, avoid the stars... sounds easier than it is.  

Cannon Blast - Fire cannonballs and sink ships  

Moolga - Moolga is a Milk Cow... Don't ask what he has against fish.  

Operation Maus - A crazy game of war - kill the dictator!  

DNA - Combine different colored proteins to create entirely new cells!  

Deep Sea Struggle - Jump from bubble to bubble without being knocked off the screen by the mines.  

Playing Field 2 - Divine intervention at a whole new level. Gain environments, weapons and other features as you beat each level.  

Day of the Warm Beer - Save your friends from the many B-rated enemies.  

Gods Playing Field - Ever wonder what God does with his free time? Find out with this flash game.  

Army Copter - Destroy enemy aircraft, tanks, and ground units with your powerful Army helicopter.  

UFO Rescue - Rescue the cute little aliens... maybe you're doing probing?  

Stag Knight 2 - The Boyscouts are in your forest again! Use your weapons to slay them all! Viewer Discretion Advised.  

Bloody Blades - In the world of ninjas there is new evil master who is trying to take control of the world.  

Chaos Faction - After years of training, the battle will begin. Top fighters have gathered, arenas have been spotted, and the battle Bell is about to ring.  

Streets of Valhalla - Welcome to the Streets of Valhalla. Each specific mission brief is given at the start of every level.  

Coffee Kid - Guide Coffee Kid around the building making sure all employees break-time requirements are fulfilled.  

Jamal and the Wasp Bunker - People are missing from Golden Claw Village, it's up to Jamal to save them!  

Salad Dodger - Dodge and kick vegtables while eating your way to fat-boy heaven!  

Raidiux - Protect the colonial miners who extract ore from the mineral-rich regions of Deep Space.  

Park a Lot 2 - Challenging Game of being a Valet. Test your driving and parking skills with this CRAZY game!  

Attack Time - Destroy the enemy machines before they claim you for spare parts!  

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