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Enjoy these great free action games.
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Avoision - Avoid the blocks by moving your block. Gets hard fast!  

Axe Gang Rampage - Remake of the classic game Gunsmoke.  

Click Red - Click the red thing as many times as you can.  

Escape from Fairy World - Your evil (and we do mean EVIL) little sister has banished you to the Fairy Lands, you must now use your Bat Magic to get back to the real world.  

Old School - Go streaking through campus collecting as much beer as you can before security nails you.  

Naked Melee - Click as fast as you can to build a naked army, then watch the mayhem!  

F18 Hornet - Complete multiple training missions in your f-18 fighter pilot  

Cursor Thief Amped - Guide the ball to the exit while avoiding the cursor thief who will, literally, steal your cursor.  

Submarines Attack - Drop depth charges onto passing submarines before they sink you!  

Rumble Ball - Score the most points you can by hitting colored items on the field with the ball.  

Hellfire - Side-scrolling shooter with two game modes.  

Brink of Alienation 2 - Story driven side scolling shooter.  

Smosh Strike - Cool flash shooter type game, many enemies and boss at the end.  

Dad n Me - Beat people up and meet your bad dad in an even badder part of town.    

Bullet Dodge - See how many points you can score while trying to survive the contsant bullets being shot at you. Perform special Matrix-like moves and more.  

Drunk Driver - You've had a few too many, so try to drive home without getting into an accident...yeah, right!  

Dragon Gordy - A newly born baby dragon eats fireflies by jumping. Feeding himself Gordy gradually masters his ability to spit fire. Beware the nasty knight, whose primary goal is to kill our baby dragon.  

Heli Attack 3 - Blast down all sorts of enemies with over 30 different weapons.  

Squares 2 - Guide your square with your mouse to collect the black squares and avoid the red squares. Sounds simple, right?  

Bloody Rage - One of the most popular fighting games on the net! 18 characters to choose from. Secret codes and bonuses!  

Yeti Sports Big Wave - Guide your Yeti on his surfboard as he does tricks and knocks swimming Penguins out of the air.  

Albatross Overload - Launch your Penguin into the beak of an Albatross, then click to flap its wings and see how far you can get. You must enter a nickname to start.  

I Robot - This game is based on the popular I, Robot movie. Itís actually four games in one: a side-scroller, a driving game, a matching game, and a shooter.  

Mall Brawl - Help 3 gorgeous spies defeat evil robots in the mall, restoring shopping for all. Collect cash from ATMs for extra points and drink lattes for health.  

Demonic Defense 3 - Defend your castle against invading stickmen, tanks, aliens, and more. If you liked Castle Defense, you'll love Demonic Defense 3.  

Mini Jump - Guide your tiny stuntman into his MiniCooper the old fashioned way - by jumping in through the sun roof.  

Xing Xang - The classic Snake game, with multiple areas to explore and powerups.  

Knock Em Out - Take out all the blocks by bouncing a steel sphere off your floating paddle.  

Speedway Rally - Race your car along a figure-8 track, and avoid the opponent cars.  

Chill Out 3 - Help the penguin rid the North Pole of spicy Indian food in this quirky side-scroller.  

Crazy Chewer - Great 3D Pacman-like game. Not only can you eat everything in site, you can blast through walls and zap monsters. Go Crazy Chewer, go!  

Dynomite - Shoot dinosaur eggs and try not to get stomped by the momma dinosaur!  

Castle Cat - Help Castle Cat reach his goal in style. Fun graphics and music, very frenetic.  

Sky Attack - You're a cute little angel - with a missile launcher. 'Nuff said!    

Zed - Zed is a fun sidescroller with a lot of depth.  

Lunar Lander - If you enjoyed the classic Lunar Lander game, this one features some improvements like Zoom. Simple but fun!  

Russian Affairs - A very detailed side-scroller, enter the Russian underworld to prevent illegal arms from flooding the streets.  

Wile E. Rocket Ride - Help Wile E. Coyote finally catch up to the Road Runner on his Acme rocket sled.  

Marvin's Jetpack Getaway - Help Marving the Martian navigate through outer space mazes using his Jet Pack.  

Snowy - Snowy the bear must defeat those who have invaded his arctic home. Great platformer!  

City Jumper NYC - City Jumper is back, this time in the Big Apple. Jump over historic landmarks and if you miss, you'll end up a bloody mess. Good times!  

Rude Tude Tazz - Make Tazz the Tazmanian Devil make rude noises with his armpits.  

Operation Thunderbolt - A realistic F/A-18 Hornet simulation, contains information about the plane and real air combat. Great fighter sim!  

Volcano Jump - Help our primitive hero jump over the volcano. What else is there to do for fun on a deserted island?  

Blokkokopter - We think "blokkokopter" is foreign for "move helicopter up by pressing mouse button, move it down by releasing mouse button." Funny foreign games!  

Pizza Express Jazz Night - You are the manager of a swinging jazz club. Can you keep everybody wined & dined & dancing the night away?  

Shooting Stars - Ignite the fireworks by clicking the appropriate key when they are in your sites. Blasting good fun!  

Stick Avalanche - Help your stickman avoid the avalanche of pointy things.  

City Jumper - Jump your stick figure over buildings and landmarks to get through the city.  

Kill the Popups - Kill the popups before they take over your computer.  

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