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Enjoy these great free action games.
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Bloons 2 Spring Fling - Bloons is back with brand new Spring themed levels.  

Eenie Bounce - Play a funny bouncing skill game! Help the smiley face catch stars and remove platforms. (not rated)

New York Pizza - Build your own New York thin crust pizza to enjoy. There are many toppings to choose from and everything you use is home cut and homemade.  

Kangaroo Jump - Mount the floor as fast as you can if not the lava will hit you. You can take some water to help you and be carefull of the fireball who drop he sky.  

Hamster Day Care - This tiny hamster has no one to take care of it during the day. The owner has left you in charge.  

M. Mode - Help Thomas fight off the hordes of creature things, get combo bonuses and try to get the bestest high score you can get! (not rated)

Word Mountain - Journey across the land climbing the highest mountains in the world. In this universe, you climb by typing words. (not rated)

Heist - You're a thief, but not just any thief, the best thief ever.  

Dinner In Italy - You and your boyfriend are on vacation in the beautiful country of Italy. You are cooking a delicious meal to eat.  

Luxor HD - It'll blow your mind  

Nyan Cat Fly - Guide Nyan Cat through the galaxy on a request for treats.  

Destroy The Castle - Nations are at war! Defend your nation by destroying every castle that stands in the way of your conquest.  

Speedrunner - Run as fast as possible avoiding obstacles and try to dismantle the bombs in time!  

Bed And Breakfast 3 - Prepare yourself for the awesome sequel to the Bed and Breakfast series. Run your bed and breakfast and turn it into an international hotel.  

Go Go Agent Zero - Run as fast as you can, secret agent man!  

Crush The Castle 2 Players Pack - All-new Crush The Castle levels!  

Ice Cream Shop - Make your famous homemade ice cream and see if you are ready to open your own ice cream shop.  

Rodriguez Revenge - Rodriguez is back in his armored suit, ready to exact rough justice on the robots who tried to eliminat  

Little Cupid - Cupid is on mission to keep this couple in love. They are spending the day at the park and can only kiss when people are not looking.  

Navy Vs Army - Make your choice and join either the Navy or Army side. Hit your opponent with grenades in this funny physics game which requires your intuition.  

Vampire Vision - Save the town from vampires.  

Frantic Frigate - Action on the high seas.  

Super Type - How well can you type? (not rated)

Chicken Cannon - Shoot chickens into the pool.  

kingdom In The Clouds - Help the boy and his sister return home to their kingdom in the clouds.  

Frog Prince Adventure - Take the lovely princess on an adventure to reach her frog prince. She has many obstacles in her way and the mazes are hard to figure out.  

Lost On The Lost Planet - After your first jetpack flight on Lost Planet goes disastrously wrong, it will take every ounce of skill you possess to get back to your ship.  

Fortress Magnus - Save the falling princesses, collect gold and HP, and shoot down the enemies and birds.  

Diamond Hollow 2 - Escape from the clutches of the evil professor. Collect diamonds and powerups to upgrade your abilities.  

Story Hero - Are you good enough at typing to be a Story Hero?  

Domino Fall - Make the dominos fall.  

Snow Bros. - Jump from platfrorms in the snow.  

Monster Town - Use your devoted people to keep your town free from hordes of horrible monsters.  

Supercow - It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...  

Sky Taxi 4 - Rescue a beautiful spy!  

LeetStreet Boys In Tokyo - LeetStreet Boys perform songs about anime, video games and otaku girls. Help the singer impress a kawaii girl in the audience by matching beats.  

Pinup Pinball - Get ready for the hottest pinball game on the Internet! Pinup Pinball is no-holds barred pinball action with some eyecandy thrown in for good measure.  

Bubblize - Be a bubble maniac! Catch tons of prizes in your bubble in this addictive action bubble game.  

Super Santa Kicker 2 - Kick Santa as far as he'll go.  

Santa Rockstar 4 - Rockin' around the Christmas tree...  

Pinch Old Santa - It's Christmas eve, and when looking outside you can see Santa running over the rooftops.  

Snow Tree Flash - Build up your tree of snow to capture as many presents as you can. Click and drag the mouse to move snowflakes into position.  

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4 - The latest SCGM rock hero guitar installment!  

Elevator Blitz - Can you make it to the top floor?  

The Last Angel - An auto side-scrolling action game which takes you to various environments.  

Action Ball 2 - Action packed  

My Gorgeous Dragon - Take care of your very own Dragon. Help by feeding and bathing the Dragon, then dress it up to give it a unique style.  

New York Shark - Terrorize the waters of New York City.  

A Sudden Meeting - Rescue your lost balloon on your antique bicycle. There's some tricky terrain between you and your balloon, so try to keep your balance!  

Popboard - Race around the board rubbing out the images before your time runs out.  

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