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Enjoy these great free action games.
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Defend Your Castle - Defend your castle from hordes of invading stickmen by dropping them to their doom! Guaranteed to cause carpal tunnel syndrome.  

Survivor Fishing - Pick your favorite Survivor contestant and fish to stay alive on the wilderness!  

Bump Copter 2 - Fly your little heli-copter past all the crazy obstacles in Bump Copter 2.  

Pizza Express Jazz Night - You are the manager of a swinging jazz club. Can you keep everybody wined & dined & dancing the night away?  

Santa Claus Express - Help Santa drop presents down chimneys in his biplane. Mind the smoke and don't run out of gas!  

Escape from Fairy World - Your evil (and we do mean EVIL) little sister has banished you to the Fairy Lands, you must now use your Bat Magic to get back to the real world.  

Axe Gang Rampage - Remake of the classic game Gunsmoke.  

Brink of Alienation 2 - Story driven side scolling shooter.  

Attack Time - Destroy the enemy machines before they claim you for spare parts!  

Bike Stunts - Ride your motorcycle dirtbike down the street, jump off ramps and performing some cool tricks.  

Prison Break - To escape from Jail you need to run errands and complete tasks. On mission 1 stick to the walls...  

Trech 2 - Maneuver your TRECH through the Testa Gordo region. Blasting enemy tanks and turrets, and racking up the most points in the least amount of time.  

Global Rescue - Destroy the enemy defense systems and save hostages.  

Bullet Time - Test your reflexes against a speeding bullet! The speed gets faster each time to get ready!  

Attack of the Flu Birds! - You have 30 seconds to kill EVERY chicken that crosses your way!  

The Innards - Be an amoeba and absorb blood cells to remain healthy! Pick up capsules of medicine to grow and move faster, but avoid the infected cells to survive!  

3D Tunnel - This is a pretty cool flight simulation game!  

King Kong Jump - Crazy new game to promote King Kong the movie. Avoid the cans, and Pick up logos for bonuses.  

Blot In Hell - You are in Hell and you must escape.  

Cyber Ortek Flyer - Fly your twin headed dragon across various planets, completing missions along the way. Ortek Flyer offers an exciting, rewarding gameplay experience.  

Jedi Trainer - Use the force, Luke!  

Bunker - Shoot the oncoming enemies, but make sure to upgrade your weapons as you make money!  

Astro Attack - Defend Mars against waves of alien attackers. Destroy all their ships!  

Naruto: Star Student - Naruto, Susuke and Sakuza must escort tazuna safely to his home in the land of waves.  

Evil Nights - Ravaged by demonic attacks, you are the last hope to save the town.  

Zayo - In a world where every bunny is hunted, one fights back...his name is Zayo!  

Ocean Hunt - You're navigating a submarine using only your navigation system. You can't see anything so imagine, feel and win.  

B29 Assault - In the mid 21st century the world was taken over by terrorists. You come from the future to change the past and rid the world of them.  

Suspend - You are a spider ninja and you must keep yourself flying.  

Break In - Finish each mission by getting to the destination without being caught by spotlights of the patrol guards. Pick up tools on the way to aid your break in.  

Bowling Alley Defense - Protect the bowling alley from invading creeps and bad ass celebrities.  

Cloud Soldier - Dominate the skies to defeat the evil Baron.  

Burger Island 2 - Manage a burger cafe in the sunny tropics. Hurry up with those orders!  

The Unfair Platformer - This game is HARD, based on "I want to be the guy."  

Jelly Castle - Defend your castle!  

Abstracta - Sonic Version - Help Sonic collect gems and rings while avoiding the badniks in this fast-paced conversion of the original abstracta game.  

F18 Strike Force - Shoot down the enemy!  

Orsum Island - Pick up crystals, kill the Viner enemies, do it within the time limit, earn points.  

Cure Lohan - Lohan is very naughty. Lohan didn't want to be cured... too bad!  

Tiny Battle - Help this axe guy fight his way through the castle. After each round you are able to buy new weapons.  

Space Bounty - A great side scrolling platform action game!  

KGB Hunter - Fast cars, heavy weapons and angry KGB agents hunting you down on wheels.  

Pick Money - Use "Left" or "Right" to control the boy to pick as much money as possible.  

Tanks City - Destroy the other tanks and earn extra points.  

Paintball Wars - ASDW or Arrow Keys to move. Click to shoot in the direction of your mouse pointer. Description: Capture your opponent's flag through the fog of war.  

Feed Me - Satisfy the appetite of this carnivorous plant.  

Love's Arrow - Help the lonely people find love with the help of Cupid's bow.  

Wings of Glory - Play as a WWII fighter pilot and complete various missions for your country.  

Zombie Horde 3 - Zombie Horde 3 - Zombie Horde 3 comes with 21 unique weapons and total freedom of movement.  

Desert Storm - Guide an Apache assault helicopter through several dangerous missions.  

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