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Enjoy these great free action games.
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Operation Thunderbolt - A realistic F/A-18 Hornet simulation, contains information about the plane and real air combat. Great fighter sim!  

Volcano Jump - Help our primitive hero jump over the volcano. What else is there to do for fun on a deserted island?  

Blokkokopter - We think "blokkokopter" is foreign for "move helicopter up by pressing mouse button, move it down by releasing mouse button." Funny foreign games!  

Sky Attack - You're a cute little angel - with a missile launcher. 'Nuff said!    

Zed - Zed is a fun sidescroller with a lot of depth.  

Lunar Lander - If you enjoyed the classic Lunar Lander game, this one features some improvements like Zoom. Simple but fun!  

Flower Power - Shoot flowers to match groups of three. Annoying sound effects, you might want to turn the sound off for this one.  

Castle Cat 2 - Help Castle Cat run, blast and pickup girls through Miami Vice Land.  

Castle Cat - Help Castle Cat reach his goal in style. Fun graphics and music, very frenetic.  

Lone Faction - You are a sentient robot who must fight his way out of the corporation that spawned him. Sidescroller. Hit "k" to skip the intro sequence.  

Xing Xang - The classic Snake game, with multiple areas to explore and powerups.  

Knock Em Out - Take out all the blocks by bouncing a steel sphere off your floating paddle.  

Speedway Rally - Race your car along a figure-8 track, and avoid the opponent cars.  

Spear Toss - Click to run, raise your spear, and toss. How far can you throw it? Enter the Spear Olympics today!  

CastleVania - A web version of the clasic CastleVania side-scroller. Use your whip to defeat evil and collect hearts.  

Albatross Overload - Launch your Penguin into the beak of an Albatross, then click to flap its wings and see how far you can get. You must enter a nickname to start.  

Space Dudes - Crazy action game, it's you against an army of evil space monsters. Use the mouse to move around and the arrow keys to fire.  

Pyramid Defense - Defend your pyramid from hordes of invaders. Simple gameplay, lots of fun!  

Tontie - Strange Japanese version of Whack-A-Mole, get powerups as you whack alien critters popping up through the ground. Nice music, too.  

Squares 2 - Guide your square with your mouse to collect the black squares and avoid the red squares. Sounds simple, right?  

Mini Jump - Guide your tiny stuntman into his MiniCooper the old fashioned way - by jumping in through the sun roof.  

Panda Pang - You're a Panda with a raygun, trying to stop a horde of green icky things. Go Panda, go!  

Stick Avalanche - Help your stickman avoid the avalanche of pointy things.  

City Jumper - Jump your stick figure over buildings and landmarks to get through the city.  

Kill the Popups - Kill the popups before they take over your computer.  

Marvin's Jetpack Getaway - Help Marving the Martian navigate through outer space mazes using his Jet Pack.  

Tiger Moth - Hit as many light bulbs as possible before the lizard clambers to the top of the wire and short circut the house.  

Starfighter Fury - Atari-like Starfighter type game with 3 levels and 3 bosses.  

Twin Spin 3 - Spin your twin to win!  

Run Run - Can you jump over the obstacles in each level? Simple but fun and slightly challenging, especially at the higher levels.    

Smosh Strike - Cool flash shooter type game, many enemies and boss at the end.  

Dad n Me - Beat people up and meet your bad dad in an even badder part of town.    

Hellfire - Side-scrolling shooter with two game modes.  

The Mosquito Project - The world is plagued by a mysterious virus that was brought back from the past. It's your job to go back in time and suck the blood out of 4 people who may be carrying the disease and the antigen needed to save humanity. Along the way you will need to escape the clutches of angry victims, electric fans, bats, lizards and spiders!  

Domino Pressure - This high-stakes Domino game will have your heart racing!  

The Game - Catch the biohazard bicycle riders with your post-apocalypse skill crane.  

Thing thing 2 - Side scrolling shoot'em up game.  

Starship Eleven - Choose from 2 spaceships and explore over 30 strange worlds. Very fun little game.  

Chairlift - Knock as many people down as you can.  

Hungry Bob - Using your mouse, click Bob to make him jump up and grab the food he likes. The longer you hold the button, the higher he will jump!  

Space Dude - Help Space Dude eliminate the evil alien slug beings.  

Squeaky - Help Mr. Squeaky collect all the oil bottles in each level.  

Squish - You can't afford air conditioning, so squish all the bugs before they take over your apartment.  

Techno Bounce - Keep the ball bouncing as long as you can by moving the three blocks.  

UFO 101 - Help the alien pilot his new space ship past the construction cones.  

Fish Tales - Help your little fish get bigger by eating other fish.  

Planet Mayhem - The war between the monsters and the humans is raging. Pick a side, weapon, and projectile, and wreak havoc on your enemy!  

Soul Master - You are the Grim Reaper, bring the souls back to their graves in 10 different Hells to win!  

Shuriken Assault - Protect yourself by throwing shurkens. Mouse to move, click mouse to throw shurikens.  

Bullet Dodge - See how many points you can score while trying to survive the contsant bullets being shot at you. Perform special Matrix-like moves and more.  

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