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Enjoy these great free action games.
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Spiderman Batman - Launch Spidey from Batman to Batman.  

Snowy Treasure Hunter - Treasure hunt with Snowy  

Santa Rockstar 2 - Rock out to metal Xmas tunes.  

Sandcastle - Defend the castle from pirate cannons.  

Puppet Wars - Cute but deadly  

Spank Naughty Celebs 2009 - Spank the naughtiest celebs of 2009!  

Sweet Holiday Smooches - This holiday season your boyfriend is coming to stay with you..Try not to get caught by the other family members or your love will be lost! (not rated)

Farm Mania 2 - Build the farm of your dreams  

Sneaky Texting - Send messages to your classmates but don't get caught in the act!  

Truck Launch Maniacs - Upgrade your truck, then launch it and try to get all of the achievements!  

Punk-O-Matic 2 - Create your own punk band and melt faces.  

Huje Adventure - In Huje Adventure, bounce your way around an unknown asteroid. (not rated)

Reclamation - Reclaim as much space as you can.  

Bato - Treasures of Tibet  

Astro Flyer - Flying in 3D. Avoid crashing into obstacles.  

Bear Fishing - Aim the cannon carefully and help papa bear shoot down the frozen fish and feed his youngter.  

Run Baby Run - These crazy clouds are cramping your style!  

Pokemon Pokeride - Move the keyboard arrows to control Charizard and catch all Pokeballs.  

Time Sphere - Shoot a time sphere that freezes time of all objects inside!  

Chicky Fun - Your target is to place the egg in its nest without getting hit on the wooden obstacles.  

Potion Bar - Make mine a double (not rated)

Sky King - Show that you are the true Sky King and fight against the enemies in this spectacular aerial battle. Move with the arrow keys. Press S to shoot and lo  

Final Ninja - Defeat the evil ninja master.  

Mouse Hero - Click on the green circle then drag your mouse through the maze of a level without hitting any walls. (not rated)

Rumble In The Jungle - All the furry and slimy animals and slimy river critters have lost all their alphabet letters. (not rated)

Ninja Training - Get ready to become a warrior of the darkness. The Ninjas master martial arts amongst other things and it's up to you to succeed.  

Incredible Express - All aboard!  

Sydney Shark - Ready to rule the water? Play as the vicious Sydney Shark and terrorize the water by eating fish, divers, boats and even flying enemies!  

It's Raining Cats And Dogs - Skydiving with falling animals to bounce you back up. (not rated)

13 More Days in Hell - Will you survive another journey through zombie hell?  

Castle Fight - Build your castle and knock down the enemy castle.  

Forks And Arrows - Fight with forks and arrows.  

Mad Skills Motocross - Race like mad  

SpongeBob Carnival - Take SpongeBob to the carnival for a fun-filled day!  

Galactic Commandos - Kick some outer space butt with your squad in Galactic Commandos.  

Kid Launcher - Heave ho! Away from the bears you go!  

Flubble Bubble - Collect apples and avoid the bombs. (not rated)

Trap A Tuna - Use both lines to trap the tuna and then catch it. Make sure not to catch the electric eels.  

Beach Surf And Kiss - Kiss and avoid being seen by the peeping tom.  

Diving Dennis - Explore the depths of the sea as Dennis on his search for the fair maiden.  

Ghosts Stole My Puppy - Dog rescue and bust some ghosts!  

Treasure Hunter In The Sea - You are a treasure hunter which objective is to get enough gold and precious stones before the time finish. (not rated)

Back To Light - This robot is stuck in a dark and cold underworld. Help him get back to the light! (not rated)

Fly Toys - These toys are trying to escape little Susie's bedroom by using balloons.  

Longcat Rampage - King Kong and Godzilla have nothing on Longcat!  

Cursed Winds - Rule the high seas.  

Volcano Flight Control - Use your mouse to control the plane, avoiding the ash clouds.  

Toffy Cat - One day an UFO hovered above the kittens house while he was sleeping. Save them! (not rated)

Mountain Maniac - Toss boulders down the mountain and cause mayhem.  

Typing Defense - Defend Earth by typing the words.  

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