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Enjoy these great free action games.
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Nanny Mania - Think managing a household is easy?  

Gold Miner Vegas - There's gold in them thar hills of Vegas!  

Feeding Frenzy - Eat your way up the food chain in this fun fish fiasco.  

Insaniquarium - Manage a fishtank by clicking to feed fish and buy upgrades.  

Land of the Dead - Blast the undead in this game based on the movie by John Romero, who got his start making a game called Doom.  

N - The way of the Ninja - Ninja platform game, stickman style. As much fun to watch as it is to play!  

Burger Island 2 - Manage a burger cafe in the sunny tropics. Hurry up with those orders!  

Gold Miner SE - Haul up tons more gold in this Gold Miner special edition version.  

Diner Dash - Help Flo build her restaurant empire.  

Spiderman City Raid - Life as Spiderman is hard when you're in a city that defies physics.  

LEGO ALPHA TEAM - Alpha Team is an adventure/action game which presents the Alpha Teamís characters and vehicles.  

Luxor - Shoot magical colored spheres to solve the chains of moving balls.  

Easter Eggin - Grab as many Easter Eggs with your plunger as you can, and avoid the rotten eggs!  

Nobby Nuss - Help a cute squirrel rescue all the nuts.    

Need for Madness - I feel the need, the need for madness!  

Delicious Deluxe 2 - The amazing sequel to Delicious Deluxe!  

3D UFO Pool Party -  

Thong Shot - Snap some bottles caps from the hottie's thong in this sassy game of matching bottle caps.  

Jedi Trainer - Use the force, Luke!  

The Aviator - Your ability as a pilot must save you from colliding with birds which can make your plane crash.  

Finders Keepers Christmas - Haul up Xmas  

Mad Shark - Scuba divers have invaded your waters, reclaim your territory.  

Bubble Trouble - Shoot bubbles into groups to make them disappear.  

Panda Pang - You're a Panda with a raygun, trying to stop a horde of green icky things. Go Panda, go!  

Defend Your Castle - Defend your castle from hordes of invading stickmen by dropping them to their doom! Guaranteed to cause carpal tunnel syndrome.  

Camp Lazlo - Avoid all sorts of hazards at camp in your downhill wagon.  

Super Mario Bros Deluxe - The classic Nintendo game, move Mario through the worlds and encounter all kinds of mushroom baddies. You can knock them out by jumping on top of them.  

Orsum Island - Pick up crystals, kill the Viner enemies, do it within the time limit, earn points.  

Paintball Wars - ASDW or Arrow Keys to move. Click to shoot in the direction of your mouse pointer. Description: Capture your opponent's flag through the fog of war.  

Skull Kid - You are one angry kid with skull mask.  

Puppet Wars - Cute but deadly  

Redneck Pets - Grow your own Redneck Aquarium. Make sure to feed your Rednecks french fries, and watch out for aliens!  

Speed Chamber - In this Knight's Kingdom game from LEGO, you must guide your Knight safely through the trap-infested castle. Game of timing and skill.  

Megaman Project X - Play as Bass, Megaman, or Zero and compete to get the best time in one of 4 levels!  

FWG Knight - Kill for as long as you can.  

Dino Run - The doom asteroid has finally hit... run, jump and claw your way to survival!  

Santa Claus Express - Help Santa drop presents down chimneys in his biplane. Mind the smoke and don't run out of gas!  

Electroman - Guide Electroman through the maze without touching the walls, or you'll get electrocuted. Challenging!  

Club Malibu - One of the strangest (and best!) web games we've seen. Guide what's left of your Panda Posse through some interesting challenges to rescue a Flamingo.  

Tower Climber - Help the green Lego knight climb to the top of the tower!  

Zuma - Shoot groups of like-colored balls before they close in on you.  

Kill Bill - Take out as many enemies with your sword in Kill Bill. Great simple fun action game!  

Pop n Drop - Shoot colored balls to clear the board.  

Leo Steel - Leo's on the run, help him jump all the crazy obstacles.  

Destroy All Humans! - Fly around in your UFO and zap those pesky humans, then abduct them.  

Autopsy - Can you keep the patient alive long enough to collect your doctor's fee?  

Cool Bubbles - Your bubble grows and grows, until it pops. And then it grows no more.  

Hellbound - Why is this cute little guy bound for hell?!  

Trech 2 - Maneuver your TRECH through the Testa Gordo region. Blasting enemy tanks and turrets, and racking up the most points in the least amount of time.  

Pirates - Use ye weapons to defeat ye enemy! Arr! Great turn-based team game with up to 2 human players. Buy upgrades with gold and blast away Blackbeard.  

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