The Top 5 PC Gaming Chairs

Since I did a bit on desks, I figured I would do a sister post about chairs. As a gamer, you know that you will have to sit for long periods of time. This can be a health hazard and take a toll on your back. That is why you need a seat that will guarantee comfort and the best experience as you play your games. Here is a list of the top 5 chairs that you should seriously consider getting. If you’re looking for a larger, more comprehensive list, I suggest looking at High Ground Gaming’s list of best computer gaming chairs.

X Rocker Executive Office Chair with Speakers

X Rocker Executive Office Chair with Speakers (#5 Review Below)

  1. Mid-Back Mesh Ergonomic Computer Desk Office Chair O12
    This chair incorporates comfort as well as a little bit of luxury. With a 360 degree swivel, you will be at ease just playing your games and ensuring that you have a good time and no damage to your back at all. It also has a good elevation degree adjustment so you should check it out.
  2. Flash Mid-Back Black Fabric Task and Computer Chair with Nylon Arms
    This is the ultimate gaming chair that you need. With tilt lock, upright tilt lock and tweaking it to the right setting will ensure that you remain in your comfortable position at all times. With a maximum height of 40 inches, you are sure to love this baby even if you’re a taller guy.
  3. Giantex Pu Leather Executive Racing Style Bucket Seat Chair
    With a maximum load capacity of 264 pounds, this chair is the best for any gamer out there. With adjustable seat height and a good, wide seating area, you are bound to be comfortable with this seat as you play. It also looks really cool which is a nice added benefit.
  4. Mesh Chair with Triple Paddle Control from Flash
    This chair is especially great for the fact that it has a triple paddle control mechanism. With a back angle adjustment, this seat will have you comfortable, and you will love it. You can never go wrong while gaming on this chair.
  5. X-Rocker Executive Chair With Bluetooth Sound

This seat is the one any gamer should have in a super gaming room. With Bluetooth sound inbuilt, you will love it. It can swivel, and there is a lever for height adjustment. This chair that has speakers will provide the perfect ambiance for gaming in your home.

What the Heck is a Capture Card?

So one of my buddies recently bought one of these gizmos. It is actually pretty nifty. You may or may not have heard of capture cards. These devices help console and PC gamers set up streams and YouTube channels. The nice thing about them is they come with software to help you do all that too. Recording and streaming with the preset features of the Xbox One and PS4 have some big limitations. You probably already know that if you’ve tried to seriously do some streaming on one of those platforms. You’re limited on how much footage you can record, and what you can do with the footage after you’ve got it. Who wants to really upload a bunch of video game videos to Facebook? That’s what I thought.

Capture cards let you record as much as you want, straight to a hard drive of your laptop or desktop if its close enough of course. Some even have slots for sd cards, but you’re probably going to want those files on your computer anyways to do some editing and whatnot. Also you’ll be able to customize your stream with different layers so it will put you apart from all those other hundreds of people who are trying to stand out on Twitch. My buddy bought the Elgato HD and he hooks it right into the computer and TV and console. Then boom he gets that footage in 1080p on his computer and can do whatever he wants with it. Edit it, share it with friends, or post it up on his YouTube channel. Pretty cool huh? It’s just plug and play baby.

Here is what it looks like. elgato capture cardYeah. Its no eye sore to be fair. It actually looks pretty good in any setup. As you can see in the pic they are suggesting to hook it up to a next gen console and then a laptop near your TV. That’s probably the ideal scenario if you have a decent sized hard drive in your laptop. Remember HD files take up A LOT of space so just keep that in mind before you try and record like 10 hours of gameplay or something. If you have a smaller hard drive you may want to invest in an external hard drive. If you’re interested in the Elgato they have a website.

Elgato isn’t the only player in the capture card market. There’s actually quite a few options, as streaming took off these devices kind of followed. The main thing to look for is what is the maximum quality they can record at and what sorts of cables you’re going to need and all that. High Ground Gaming has a good review of the most of the best options at their page here. They talk about the best capture cards for streaming and the different features each one has. That site also has a table that compares the main features.

Well that’s pretty much it for today. Let me know what you think of capture cards and how you use them in the comments below.

Conclusion of NA League of Legends Summer Split and ESL CS:GO International

Wow, so last weekend was a fun time for those of us who like to watch large competitive gaming events. In League of Legends, Team Liquid beat out Team Impulse Gaming for 3rd place on Saturday. On Sunday, Counter Logic Gaming took down the titan Team Solo Mid in a 3-0 domination. I know TSM has millions of fans and are usually a favorite, but I enjoyed seeing them get their asses kicked for once. And you gotta hand it to CLG, they’ve had a rocky last few years and finally they won it all in North America. Plus those guys played out of their minds in all three games. Each individual player made some amazing outplays. Even Bjergsen got outplayed by Pobelter hard a couple times. Their website is if you’re interested in looking at things futher.

CS:GO had a huge tournament as well. I was on Twitch and I saw like 600,000 viewers at one point and I was like holy cow. Tons of people tuned in for those matches. I like that they have replays of the games in North America times like in the afternoon and evening. For the final standings, check out their official website and the bracket. I don’t want to ruin it if you are planning on watching the vods or something. Anyway it was a lot of fun. What did you think of the action? Leave a comment below and discuss.

DOTA 2 International 5 Goes Big Time

Guess what I just saw on ESPN? Not ESPN 2 or 3 or some other alternative, the ESPN. DOTA 2 International 5 highlights. That’s right they showed clips of the gameplay and talked about how it was North America vs. China regions in the finals. If that isn’t a sign of the growing eSports craze I don’t know what is. I was so excited I showed my girl friend. She wasn’t as excited, lol. But still she thought it was a pretty big deal and it seems like it somewhat validated it in her eyes too. If you’re not in the know, this was a DOTA 2 event that is sponsored by Valve and crowded funded. The venue was Key Arena in Seattle. Check on the international 5 sections on their website if you want more details. They also have all the replays and brackets and stuff on there so it might be a fun way to spend a couple hours. Also in the segment was the ESPN sports anchors showing the prize pool of 18 million and comparing it to the largest World Series of Poker prize purses in history.

Cloud 9 Player Admits Team Used Adderall

Ever since that YouTube video went viral with that Cloud 9 CS:GO player there’s been a bazillion news stories and people talking about it. I think it’s pretty unfortunate that this happened. Right when eSports are really starting to take off something like this has to happen. I hope it doesn’t hurt competitive gaming but I am pretty sure it will. You already know that people will making fun of gamers and how they are drugies and stuff like that. I think ESL should have ignored the thing entirely or been doing drug testing already. I’m against drug use in general but I don’t know how you can stop players from using all these different substances. Plus some of them have prescriptions for medications like Adderall so then what’s going to happen. You can’t allow some players to use it and some not to. The whole thing is just a mess and I can’t wait for it to blow over.

The Best Desk for your Gaming Setup

Recently I’ve been putting a lot of time into fine tuning my gaming area. I’ve always had a dedicated gaming room/office space that let’s me escape from the rat race world. I am an introvert through-and-through. Don’t get me wrong, I love people, I just need my alone time too. Look at me I’m already getting side tracked rambling about nothing.

My main goal was to create the most efficient and optimal PC gaming set up. I’ve got three monitors, an extended mouse pad, mouse, headphone stand, and keyboard on my desk. The monitors use a VESA mounting system and they are all the same brand/size so it looks pretty badass. It used to be terribly cluttered with all sorts of old junk that I never used. Gaming characters, office supplies, random knick knacks I’ve acquired throughout the years. All these guys have moved from the desk to my shelving unit for display. Finally I got the desk minimized down to the essentials that I just listed. I run the cables down the back of the desk to my tower and I use cable ties to keep them from becoming a jumbled mess. Everything is clean, streamlined, and my mind feels much more at peace.

The biggest reason for this post is that I wanted to share the desk that I bought for my gaming set up. Ever since I started working on my gaming room I was on the prowl for a suitable desk. The interesting thing is that even though all these products keep popping up for gamers, there still wasn’t a lot of gaming options as far as computer desks go. Now, some of my fellow gamers recommended me the Atlantic Gaming Desk. I was excited until I really looked it over and did some research. I’ve came to the conclusion that it is a desk more suited to console gamers. If you go to their website that I linked to above you’ll probably see what I mean. If you have a multi-monitor set up like me, that little desk isn’t going to work out so well. It’s perfect for a console, laptop, and moderately sized single monitor setup. I could picture it in a dorm room or something like that, not for a full grown adult such as myself.

The desk I finally settled on was the DX Racer desk. It is really a very sleek looking desk and you can tell the manufacturer put a lot of thought into what gamers want from a desk. The raised edges help keep everything on the desk. This wasn’t a big one for me as I already cleared up everything that had existed on my desk as I mentioned, but if you’ve got some stuff that rolls around this will help all of it stay put. It has a 110lb weight capacity and measures 47 inches long. It’s a pretty big desk all in all, plenty of room for all my monitors. My favorite thing about the desk is its style, you can get it in the color that matches your gaming room best. My second favorite thing is that it has cable concealment built in. It has a 2 notches in the back you can run cables through, as well as cable grommets on the left and right corners. This really did wonders for the clean look of my setup. The frame is constructed with steel rod material, so you know you’re getting your moneys worth when it comes to the durability factor. DX Racer incorporated what it calls an “extended work surface” into this desk. Basically that means the desk comes out far enough that you can rest the better part of your arm including your wrists on this desk while you’re gaming. This surface is also sloped at a 10 degree angle for optimal comfort for your forearms. That could do a world of good if you are battling carpal tunnel syndrome. Here is what the desk looks like in a green color (sidenote they also have cool chairs):dxracer

Pretty cool huh? I didn’t find anything else on the market that was like it. I thought the final touch being the carbon fibre feather down the front side was a nice way to complete the desk. It has the “DXRacer” gaming logo so people know you’re serious. If you have it up against a wall its not really exposed but some people may prefer that.

This gaming desk really completed my entertainment room and I’m glad I decided to fork out the extra cash for it. I think my wrists will be thanking me in the future too. Another site I used when I was shopping for a desk for gaming was a site called High Ground Gaming. Their best gaming desks page that I linked to above was a big help in my search.

Don’t forget to drop me a comment and let me know if you found any cool desks for gaming.

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